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Sun Ridge Systems' First Customer Still Happy After 20 Years

EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. - New software comes and goes, but it isn't often that a software product evolves with technology year after year. Sun Ridge Systems' public safety software, RIMS, is one of those rare gems, and the Rocklin Police Department in California is proud to have been using it for the past 20 years.

Rocklin Police Department, Sun Ridge Systems' very first customer, had RIMS 1.0 installed in February 1985, and has been using it since. The agency first adapted to using RIMS' versatile records management software, and has now evolved to use almost the entire product line.

Rocklin has grown from a small town with a population of 7,000 in 1985 to more than 40,000 today. "The RIMS product has really grown with our city's needs," said Matt Diridoni, technical services supervisor for the Rocklin Police Department. "The product really makes our jobs easier-with so many more vehicles and pieces of apparatus within our growing department, RIMS makes it easy to keep track of everything."

Anchored by Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS) technology, RIMS is designed to answer all the information handling needs of public safety agencies, including police, security and emergency response services. RIMS provides instant access to all records and the entire dispatching system with just a few keystrokes, in the station or in the car. This instantaneous information allows officers to be better prepared for the unknown when they are in the field.

With the RIMS Mobile Computer System, officers can review case details, look up last and active incidents and check vehicle and personal information, including photos and mug shots. In addition, RIMS Mapping allows the user to easily and consistently locate 9-1-1 calls, even calls from mobile phones. With these powerful tools at their fingertips, personnel in the field are more efficient, better prepared and can make a situation safer for both the public and themselves.

Hundreds of new features and functions have been added to the RIMS software package since it was introduced in 1985, refining and expanding upon two decades of continual development. In fact, there were 82 new features added just last year, and another 79 have been added this year to RIMS 12.0. What began as a basic computer-aided dispatch and records management software program, has evolved into a broad line-up of public safety software, including a Jail Management System (In Custody™), Mobile Computer System, Officer Field Reporting, Mug Shot/Digital Imaging, State Link, E9-1-1 Link, Fire Station Printers, Status Monitors, Paging Interface and PDA compatibility. And most astonishing, every component is designed to work together in one integrated system.

"RIMS has been remarkable in its ease of use," continued Diridoni. "The help screens just aren't necessary [but they are there if you need them], and we can train someone on the system in just a couple days."

Some of the RIMS enhancements stem from new technologies and new state and national reporting requirements, but as part of on-going product improvement and development, the majority of RIMS upgrades come directly from user feedback. Each year, Sun Ridge Systems hosts a RIMS Users Conference where attendees present their wish lists for the next version of RIMS. Users then vote on which additions they most want to see implemented. Product subscribers are entitled to every update at absolutely no cost to them, keeping their agencies at the forefront of the ever-advancing technology wave. New versions are issued about once a year. Minor revisions (which may include new features) are released more often. RIMS is now in its 12th release.

"The evolution of RIMS has been an amazing process from both technical and practical standpoints," said Tony Richards, president of Sun Ridge Systems. "Application of new technologies, our own bottomless well of ideas and a large, active user community continue to drive our product development at a rapid pace. With each new version, we not only provide our clients with a better, more comprehensive product, but also one that is even easier to use."

To learn more about having Sun Ridge Systems' RIMS installed at your public safety agency, please call Sun Ridge Systems at 800-474-2565, or visit them on the Web at www.sunridgesystems.com.

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