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PreSynct Technologies Announces Sale to San Ramon Police Department

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – San Ramon Police Department in San Ramon, CA selects the Presynct Report Network. Presynct Technologies is installing the Presynct Report Network incident reporting application in the San Ramon Police Department. The department selected Presynct’s state-of-the-art digital incident reporting software as a way of improving efficiency in police report writing, and record keeping. 

Captain Joe Gorton expects the transition to the new system to be quite smooth, due to the fact that the electronic incident forms included in Presynct’s system are designed to look exactly like what officers are accustomed to seeing on paper. “It takes no effort. It looks like a regular report that he or she is used to writing,” said Gorton.

In addition to greatly reducing the amount of paper generated by the department, Gorton is looking forward to integrating the Presynct Report Network with the department’s existing record keeping system, which will result in fewer staff hours spent on archiving. “We can store the reports electronically,” he said. “It will ultimately be way less paper and less manual input into the record system, which is always nice,” said Gorton.  Presynct’s electronic distribution is another way in which time and money will be saved.

The mission of Presynct Technologies, Inc. is to serve law enforcement professionals by providing affordable, state-of-the-art technology that enables interoperability and information-led policing for both small and large police agencies and sheriff’s offices throughout the United States.

About San Ramon Police Department

The San Ramon Police Department, in San Ramon, California, has 55 officers, and generates thousands of police reports every year. San Ramon has a population of 44,722 (2000 Census), and a land area of 11.6 square miles.

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