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InterAct and Radio IP Announce Successful Integration with the Motorola Dimetra System in Denmark

Winston-Salem, N.C. (PRWEB) -- Product development engineers with InterAct Public Safety Systems, a supplier of public safety technology systems used by local, state, national and international government agencies, traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark, in November 2005 to develop compatibility between InterAct’s products and the TETRA standard commonly used in Europe via the Motorola Dimetra System.

TETRA is a successful technology for implementing integrated public security networks that offers high-performance, private radio mobile networks and is a cost-effective alternative that delivers security, reliability, interoperability and nationwide group calls.

Several product engineers from Radio IP Software also accompanied InterAct engineers for this endeavor. Radio IP Software, Inc. provides the most advanced TCP/IP gateway technology for RF wireless networks and is a leader in narrowband wireless data communications connectionware.

Interact Public Safety Systems and Radio IP Software have collaborated on many wireless RF based infrastructures in the past including Motorola in the U.S. InterAct partnered with Radio IP Software for their interface with Dimetra, part of the European TETRA system, in order to optimize and run the Crime Agent software on the TETRA system.

Three of the most significant tasks the two teams successfully completed were testing the integration of the Crime Agent mobile solution in the TETRA radio network; interfacing the AVL server with Motorola’s Motolocator, which allows emergency personnel to retrieve latitude and longitude information for their hand-held portable radios; and testing the integration of the short data router (SDTS) on InterAct’s Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system that allows dispatchers to send text messages to Motorola radios.

“We are very pleased with our accomplishments in Denmark,” said Peter Dickson, engineering team lead for InterAct. “The Crime Agent application worked exceptionally well over the Dimetra network using Radio IP MTG™. All response times to events were between two and 10 seconds, which are well within acceptable measures. Our success with these tests opens up innumerable new opportunities for us in Europe.”

“The patented Optimized TCP/IP protocol used by Radio IP MTG allows files over the Dimetra network to transmit up to 25 times faster, depending on the file type,” said Mike Bourre, V.P. Sales & Marketing at Radio IP Software. “By teaming up with InterAct, we were able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the TETRA system, which is a great voice network, is also very viable for mission-critical applications.”

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