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City of Zion, Illinois Police Department Selects Computer Information Systems Inc. for Integration, Experience and Customer Service

Computer Information Systems decisively chosen to enhance Department’s mission-critical infrastructure

Skokie, IllinoisAs a means to improve the City of Zion’s Public Safety infrastructure, Chief of Police Larry Booth and Chief of Fire David LaBelle joined forces to evaluate and select a suitable, yet superior public safety software solution.  This solution would replace the Agency’s current vendor which was no longer meeting the City’s wants and needs.  With months of research under their belt, the City of Zion is finally looking forward to implementing Computer Information System’s (CIS) Public Safety Software Systems to help protect and serve their expanding community of more than 22,800 residents and visitors.

“Our frustration with our current vendor was growing every day.  We were worried that we were too far in with our current vendor to turn back,” Chief Booth expressed.  The two (2) Chiefs’ search began during the Illinois Public Safety Telecommunications Association 9-1-1 Conference.  They looked at reputable vendors and reviewed the products installed in their surrounding communities.  Chief Booth said, “In researching, we found that every vendor and system had major similarities and there were good things in all of them.  We focused on the features and functions that fit our agency best to determine the vendor of choice.”  Chief LaBelle elaborated, “I agree with Chief Booth’s comments.  We saw a lot of similar features among the vendors, but there were some we don’t use.”

Chief Booth voiced that the situation with their current vendor was disappointing and, “has taught us a lot. There is a mentality that you need to pay absolutely top-dollar to get a great system. That is not true. We based our final decision on price and performance.” After two (2) dozen months of research, the City of Zion decisively selected CIS based on their past partnership with the vendor, CIS’ complete integration of software products and their positive reputation for customer support. The Chief of Fire shared, “We needed a vendor that had the capabilities to easily integrate with our fire systems. CIS’ willingness and ability to integrate with our current fire systems played a big part in its selection.  With our current vendor, we have wasted time and money because of their unwillingness to integrate.” Furthermore, “a big part of it is that CIS’ Systems are flexible to the way we work, instead of requiring us to change the way we do things.  With CIS, we will not have to change how Fire and Police personnel have been doing things for many, many years because it is easier to have a computer programmer change a few things. This is really impressive for me,” said Chief LaBelle.   

The new CIS Software will include Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) System, Records Management System (RMS) and Mobile Computer System (MCS), as well as related Interfaces.  This wide range of Systems will provide the City of Zion with field proven, mission critical capabilities.  The ease of use and interoperability supplied by the CIS Software will increase efficiency and allow the Zion officers and dispatchers to better communicate and concentrate on the issues that matter most.  Both Chiefs are upbeat about the City’s public safety outlook.  Chief Booth said, “Knowing that there is the ability of interoperability (with CIS) is important to us.”  He also expressed that he looks forward to improving all mobile functionalities, such as Records, CAD and mapping with CIS’ MCS because, “it was cost prohibitive to upgrade to Windows with our current vendor.”  The improved features such as full records search capabilities and report flow from within the vehicle will provide officers greater efficiency and allow for more focus in the field.

Chief Booth stated, “CIS is our vendor of choice because they are in Illinois and we have had a positive history and experience with them.”  The City of Zion will return to CIS’ already active Illinois User Group, as well as the growing CIS User Base of over 550 public safety agencies nationwide that rely on CIS.

About Computer Information Systems Inc.
Computer Information Systems, headquartered in Skokie, Illinois, develops, markets, maintains and supports its seamless Windows® Systems: Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) System, Records Management System (RMS), Civil Process System (CPS), Jail Management System (JMS) and Mobile Computer System (MCS). Since 1985, Computer Information Systems has had a single market focus of Public Safety Software Solutions, which are being used by hundreds of agencies who rank CIS as the most trusted and reliable provider nationwide. For more information, visit www.cisusa.org or contact Linda Berk at 877-673-7800.

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