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Avocado Security Wins 2008 “Product of the Year” Finalist Award for Security + Business Intelligence Automation

Access Control & Security Systems Magazine Recognizes Avocado Security’s Modular and Scalable Security + Business Intelligence Integration Platform

 WASHINGTON, DC (October 15, 2008), Avocado Security, the world’s pioneer of the On-Demand Security and BI Optimization Platform, today announced that Access Control & Security Systems Magazine, a prestigious physical security publication, has named the Avocado Security Business Edition Version 2.0, a Finalist Award winner for its 2008 "Products of the Year" award.

"We are honored once again by industry experts for this prestigious recognition, and specially Access Control and Security Systems magazine rewarding our team’s ability to look at physical security, video surveillance and Business Intelligence in creative ways, by delivering user friendly and tangible solutions," said Kevin Shahbazi, CEO of Avocado Security. "Avocado Security provides security cost reduction, integration, and automation of security processes across the enterprise, enabling companies to improve security efficiency and increase business continuity.”

Access Control and Security Systems magazine is a business-to-business publication that focuses on how America's commercial, industrial and institutional facilities employ security systems to make their sites safer. Their subscribers--36,700 of them--come mostly from larger companies (Fortune 1000-size) and are the high-level personnel in charge of security at their companies or institutions. We focus on the equipment used in security systems, and especially on how that equipment is integrated into "security solutions."

Avocado Security converts video footage into meaningful, actionable graphs and statistics for easy comparison. For example, you can look at a particular camera activity from 8 AM to 10 AM, and compare traffic to the previous day or week.  CCTV images can be collected across your entire organization. These images can then be used to study security events and patterns of activity for one camera, one gate, campus or for locations throughout the entire enterprise.

Avocado Security’s platform can integrate an organization’s security platform across multiple locations, and can showcase the security details of each location by generating daily, weekly and monthly status reports, empowering security personnel with the information and knowledge that is needed to better manage all of their security needs –in multiple locations.  This new technology brings about innovative security and productivity measures for clients who desire to improve their security, operation and IT infrastructure. For more information about Avocado Security’s Version 2.0 platform, visit www.avocadosecurity.com.

About Avocado Security
Avocado Security’s patent pending technology is the world’s first security and Business Intelligence (BI) platform that is available as an On-Demand solution. This new technology brings about innovative security and productivity solutions for clients who require improvements in their security, operation and IT infrastructure. By combining this advanced set of security and business intelligence metrics, Avocado Security’s clients experience streamlined security operations, and in turn, dramatically improve their own bottom lines. For further information and press releases from Avocado Security, please visit www.AvocadoSecurity.com  or call (866) 608-1116.

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