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MPH Industries Introduces New BEE™ III Radar

The BEE III's patented "Automatic Same Direction ("ASD™)" mode eliminates one source of error in speed measurement by determining whether the target is approaching or receding, no input from the officer is necessary. In stationary use ASD allows the officer to select a direction and the radar only measures targets moving in that direction - all other targets are ignored; in standard mode the BEE III measures targets in both directions and informs the officer the direction that the displayed target is moving.


The BEE III is the smallest radar available, yet it's packed with more features than any other. The industry's smallest detachable display has the largest set of speed windows, and they're color coded! The industry's smallest Ka-band antenna is weatherproof and is hard for violators to detect because no telltale lens is visible.
POP™ makes radar detectors useless.


The POP™ feature (patent pending) allows speed measurements without alerting radar detectors. BEE Ill's wireless remote control carries on MPH's tradition of "eyes on the road" operation because the most often used controls can be found by touch alone.

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