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Nevada Issues Contract to MPH Industries for BEE III Radar with Radar detector-defeating POP Technology

The State of Nevada issued a contract to MPH Industries for its BEE III radar on May 4, 2009. In prior contracts with the State, MPH had sold over 600 BEE III radars to police agencies in the State. This contract will allow MPH to do so for at least two more years.

One requirement of the bid was that the State’s radar “should include a mode of operation that allows measuring the speed of targets using a microwave beam that does not set off radar detectors.” This is a good description of MPH’s POP Technology, and in fact, in an addendum, the State stated that “The specifications stipulate … that the ‘POP’ mode is preferred ….”(bold in original document).

MPH President Kevin Willis stated that MPH is proud have the State’s radar contract once again, since the Nevada Highway Patrol is an important customer to MPH. Commenting on the BEE III radar, he stated that “its POP technology is allowing officers to catch the most flagrant speeders. Without POP, these drivers’ radar detectors would alert them in time to slow down before being measured by police.” Mr. Willis also stated that “in several cases, POP technology has been the deciding factor for agencies choosing MPH radars over competing radars.”

Why is POP Technology important? POP allows a radar to measure speeds much more quickly than traditional radars, resulting in the radar detector normally seeing the radar as unrecognizable noise and ignoring it. POP Technology takes away a speeder’s advantage if he has a radar detector.

On their website, (http://www.iihs.org/research/qanda/speed_lawenf.html), the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states:

“The only purpose of a radar detector is to avoid speed law enforcement.”

“Use of a radar detector demonstrates an intention to speed that distinguishes users of these devices from drivers who speed occasionally or inadvertently.  In a survey of users, more than half admitted to driving faster than they would without their ‘fuzz busters.’”

As they say, “the only purpose of a radar detector is to avoid speed enforcement.”  POP Technology is the only tool that allows officers to use radar while not alerting radar detectors, taking the advantage away from detector-using speeders.

POP Technology was invented by MPH in 1997, and has been adapted since.  POP Technology is only available on MPH radars.  POP Technology is incorporated in many of MPH’s premium radars, including BEE III, Enforcer, Z-25, and Z-35.  POP Technology has been discussed in articles appearing in Law Enforcement Technology, Police and Security News, and the Wall Street Journal.

For additional information, including informational literature on POP Technology and the products that use this technology, click here (PDF) or contact your MPH representative



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