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MPH Industries Introduces New Speed Monitor Full Matrix Trailer

The Speed Monitor Full Matrix Trailer is an economical trailer that displays both messages and speeds

MPH Industries announces the introduction of its new Speed Monitor Full Matrix Trailer. This trailer, developed by MPH in partnership with LiteSys, Inc., combines the versatility of a variable message trailer with the speed reducing capability of a speed display trailer. Working together, the companies have designed a trailer that is perfectly suited for law enforcement, combining the high reliability of LiteSys displays and the speed accuracy of MPH radars.

MPH President Kevin Willis stated, “The Speed Monitor Full Matrix Trailer fills a void between traditional speed-only trailers and large DOT message trailers. The display of the Full Matrix Trailer is the perfect size for law enforcement applications, allowing it to be much more cost-effective than the DOT message trailers that have 4’ x 8’ displays meant for interstate highway speeds. Law enforcement needs portable message trailers to be able to inform the public about important situations, but they also need to be able to afford them.” Mr. Willis also noted that the Speed Monitor Full Matrix Trailer also has an on-board IACP-approved radar, allowing it to be used as a speed-reduction device when it is not being used as a message trailer.

The Speed Monitor Full Matrix Trailer is available in two-line and three line versions. All Full Matrix Trailers come with MPH’s directional radar and can display speeds and/or messages.

For additional information or a demonstration of the Speed Monitor Full Matrix Trailer, visit our website at www.mphindustries.com or contact your MPH representative.

Pictures of example messages shown on the three-line version of the Speed Monitor Full Matrix Trailer:

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