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The Buckhead Coaliaton Selects All Traffic Solutions to Provide Radar Speed Displays

The Buckhead section of Atlanta, a 28-square mile community comprised of 40 neighborhoods, is renowned for its luxury homes, luxury hotels and the local malls, Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza, the largest in the Southeast. The community is pleased also to be home to the Buckhead Coalition, a private organization with 100 CEO members who focus on identifying ways to nurture the quality of life for those living and working in Buckhead.

In June 2009, the Buckhead Coalition announced the formation of a grant program open to each of its 40 neighborhood civic associations.  In keeping with the Coalition’s focus on quality of life, the private organization turned its efforts to the issue of traffic safety.  The group decided that one of the best ways it could help to improve safety across its neighborhoods would be to install radar speed displays that could help slow traffic, while at the same time inform the police of important traffic patterns such as time of day when speeding occurs the most and time of day when the traffic volume is highest.

The Coalition invited a variety of radar speed display vendors to bid on the project and after careful evaluation, All Traffic Solutions was selected, largely due to the data capture and reporting features of its software and the portability of the device.  The Buckhead Coalition subsidizes the majority of the costs associated with the radar speed displays.  These subsidies are distributed as grants to those civic associations that are able to contribute $500 of their own funds and identify a need to slow traffic on their streets.  So far five neighborhoods have the signs installed and another two have signs on order.  Garth Peters, Director of Community Development for the Coalition, anticipates that up to as many as 20 of the neighborhoods will install the All Traffic Solutions radar screen displays.  Peters notes, “an added bonus is that the displays are up and running within 30 minutes of delivery.  They are simple to use and easy to deploy.”

The signs and the data captured from them have had a measurable impact on the communities.  The Wildwood neighborhood reported that 1 out of every 11 cars traveling Northbound in the area was exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph and that the heaviest traffic volume occurred between 5 and 6 p.m.  This data helps the Atlanta police department plan its traffic division staffing.   Sam Massell, President of the Buckhead Coalition comments, “Radar speed displays are a gentle way of getting people to slow down.  They are not shrill like a whistle or obstructive like a barricade.  For Buckhead, the use of the displays and the data captured is a win, win, win situation. It is a fine instrument that makes sense not only for those who live in and visit Buckhead, but also for those who work and play here.”

All Traffic Solutions, the leader in traffic safety outcomes, engineers a variety of smart devices – radar speed signs, message boards, and video imaging systems – that direct and monitor traffic patterns and capture the data necessary to manage public safety. Online at www.alltrafficsolutions.com

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