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SBC Rolls Out ORION CADStar in National Sales Program

Temecula, CA - In 2005, SBC officially introduced ORION CADStar from Plant Equipment, Inc. to its sales teams across the nation. The Web-based “Webinar” event marks the beginning of a major roll-out for Plant’s new computer aided dispatch (CAD) system with one of the nation’s largest telecommunications providers.

ORION CADStar is the first in a new line of GEO-based information technology applications. These solutions utilize map-based interfaces to locate calls, incidents, field units and more. ORION CADStar integrates with Plants VESTA computer telephony integration (CTI) application to provide seamless call and incident processing. In addition, CADStar brings built-in Phase II compatibility to the call-center.

“This is an important roll out for us and it marks the beginning in a new era of product offerings for Plant,” says Tim Fuller, President of Plant. “We are pleased that SBC and their teams are on-board with the product line and we look forward to providing their customers with this next-generation CAD line.”

In addition to marking the beginning of a new era, the roll-out marks the end of a vigorous testing and beta process for the line. Plant’s comprehensive Integration and Test team thoroughly tested CADStar for nearly a year before their release in early 2004. SBC also thoroughly tested the products in their Concord, CA, lab before issuing an AFU (approved for use) statement. SBC’s first installation is at Scott County Communications Center (SCCC) in Oran, Missouri. Today, SBC trains their technicians on ORION CADStar at their Center for Learning in Irving, Texas.

“We have a very knowledgeable sales team assembled to provide sales and engineering assistance to our channel partners,” says Craig Dollar, Vice President of Integrated Dispatch Systems for Plant. “This is an essential line of products for any mission critical call-center and we believe our offerings are the best on the market.”

About Plant Equipment, Inc.
Established in 1968, Plant Equipment, Inc. (PEI) is a major solutions supplier for public safety equipment providers including: Motorola, Qwest, SBC, Sprint, and Verizon. The industry leader in public and private safety telecommunications, PEI’s product lines include Advanced Call Processing, Conventional Telephone Systems, GIS / CAD / Mapping / RMS, Information Management Systems, and Digital Logging. PEI is a Nortel Networks Developer Partner, an ESRI Business Partner, a HP Business Partner and a Microsoft Certified Partner

For more information on Plant Equipment's ORION CADStar, please visit www.peinc.com

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