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Plant Equipment Introduces the CADStar, a Map-Based CAD

PLant Equipment's CADStar ORION CADStar is a sophisticated, yet cost effective, computer aided dispatch (CAD) application designed specifically for small and medium size call-centers. Its “map centric” design deploys a map display engine as an integral component of the real-time CAD application. CADStar’s intuitive “Information on Demand” graphical user interface enhances operator performance, reduces training requirements and speeds system implementation.

At the desktop, CADStar delivers an efficient presentation of information and provides browser based reporting. The robust feature-set in CADStar includes the ability to detect duplicate calls, display multiple incidents, list premise history and supplemental information such as SOPs, Hazmat info, contact lists, unit recommendations and much more.

ORION CAD-Star features:

  • Turn Key Map-Centric CAD
  • Full Windows functionality makes it easy to use
  • Place telephone and radio calls directly from CAD
  • AVL capability
  • Direct messaging among units/terminals
  • Storage and retrieval of messages
  • Emergency notification
  • Security-based restrictions, re-transmission and acknowledgement actions

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