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Larimore Goes SQL

Larimore announces release of Microsoft SQL based CAD and RMS software.

Chesterfield, Mo. - Larimore Associates, Inc. announces the recent release of their new Microsoft SQL based Computer Assisted Dispatching and Record Management software. Larimore Associates, Inc., a leader in the Public Safety Software industry since 1970, has made a dramatic statement by moving from their proprietary database to Microsoft SQL server. Using this database offered numerous benefits, which includes database stability and superior recovery features, enhanced security, overall performance increases and the ability of our users to use industry standard Ad-Hoc query tools.

Larimore has released this version of their software to Macon and Carroll County, GA, Lowell and Brookline, MA, New Berlin, WI and a University located in the Boston area. It is currently scheduled to be installed in Clifton, NJ in April of 2006 and four other sites located in New York and New Jersey by the fall of 2006. This version of their product solution has been a work in progress since 1st quarter of 2004, with R&D being completed in 2nd quarter of 2005. All of Larimore’s software applications are available in this new version.

Larimore realized the remarkable benefits of not only using Microsoft’s SQL server, but also started using Microsoft .NET studio to write their new State interfaces, and E911 mapping components.

Larimore has also partnered with Marathon Technologies. Marathon is setting the bar when it comes to fault tolerant servers. Marathon’s FTVirtual server provides hardware level mirroring, reducing any single point of failure. This configuration provides over 5 nines of uptime per year. Marathon’s FTVirtual server uses industry based Intel servers running Microsoft Server 2003 Enterprise. Installing a system on fault tolerant servers running Larimore’s industry leading applications, and using Microsoft’s SQL server as its data warehouse, insures the highest potential of uptime in the industry.

For more information about any of these products, contact Larimore Associates, Inc. at 636-537-3112 or info@larimore.net.

About Larimore Associates, Inc.
Larimore Associates, Inc. is a leading provider of public safety software. The company was founded in 1970 and continues to be one of few companies in the industry providing customized software solutions. Its products include Computer Assisted Dispatch, Scheduling, Incident Reporting, Arrest Management and NFIRS systems. The company is headquartered in Chesterfield, MO, a suburb of Saint Louis.

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