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Web-based Support & Training from Larimore Associates

Larimore Associates evolves, offering web-based support & training.

Chesterfield, Mo. - Larimore Associates, Inc. provides online services for customer support, providing customers with a visual aid when assisting them. This includes web-based training, online troubleshooting and a secure Internet HELPDESK to the workstation desktop. For 36 years, Larimore has always believed customer service and customer support is just as important as our software implementation. We are here to provide support 8x5 or 24x7; whichever is best for the customer.

The Larimore HELPDESK gives quick support access to the end user’s desktop to provide one-on-one interaction with the customer to ensure an accurate and complete understanding of our software. For customer change requests and software support we provide ONTIME support in which the customer can submit and track all their existing change requests and check their status.

Larimore is able to train new employees on our systems quickly with our web-based training feature. Through web conferencing, clients receive hands-on instructions and remote support as we walk them through every aspect of our software applications. This web-communications solution enables us to serve customers with geographically dispersed locations more effectively.

For more information, call (636) 537-3112 or e-mail Larimore Associates at info@larimore.net.

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