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Larimore Associates Customer Implements Wi-Fi Network To Boost Public Safety Communications

Wi-Fi Network to boost Public Safety Communications in Brookline, MA.

Chesterfield, Mo. - A partnership between Brookline, MA and a local Internet services company has lead not only to inexpensive wireless access for residents, but a much greater use of wireless technology by town employees - police and firefighters in particular.

Scott Wilder, a Brookline police officer who serves as the department’s technology director, said public safety Wi-Fi communications in the past, operated and relied on purchasing vendor specific wireless systems, in Brookline’s case the police have 40 air cards costing $50.00/month each, which is limited in capacity, has dead spots, and prone to interference from other sources. Now with Galaxy Internet services, Brookline will be operating a Wi-Fi network that covers the entire community and will save the police department $2,000.00 a month.

The Galaxy Wi-Fi public safety network, will allow Brookline’s public safety officers access to their in-house data bases, allowing the officers’ the ability to log into their Larimore Public Safety software applications, giving the officer’s more than direct access to enter reports remotely from their notebook computers. Basically, stated Wilder “ We are giving our officers on the street the ability to access all programs, as if they where on a workstation in the department. Officers will also be able to access GIS databases with 3D images of the interior of the buildings, traditional mobile data applications, video/ video surveillance, Voice Over IP as well as the department’s internal email client.

“If some emergency requires the setting up of a command post,” Wilder said “all you need are a few laptops, and you’ve got full communications power.” Scott Wilder, a member of an “interoperability” subcommittee of the Metro Boston Homeland Security Region, also sees implications for mutual aid among neighboring cities and towns.

The Brookline Police Department and the Town of Brookline will be the first agencies in the country to run this 4.9 border-to-border Wi-Fi network for public safety and at the same time deploying a commercial 2.4 GHz wireless network for municipal, citizen and business access. The 4.9 frequencies is a FCC licensed frequency for public safety only. Wilder feels that this is a huge advantage for public safety using 4.9, because there is limited interference in the 4.9 band, and if any interference is found you have the power of the FCC to remedy the situation. Potential applications for a 4.9 frequency network extend beyond enabling police and firefighters to have real-time access to important information such as, their CAD & RMS software systems provided by Larimore Associates, Inc. Wilder stated “with a broadband network like this, we are building a wireless network for today, that will grow with us in the future as more hardware and software venders get into the 4.9 arena.”

Brookline is now exploring the option of purchasing wireless parking meters and utilizing Larimore Associates’ Parking Ticket System that will allow for parking tickets to be created remotely by the meter maids and upload the information to the software system when the ticket is written.

Brookline has been a customer of Larimore’s, an Integrated Public Safety Software provider, since 1988.

For more information, call (636) 537-3112 or e-mail Larimore Associates at info@larimore.net.

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