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Priority Dispatch Introducs Police Protocol

Now enjoy all the benefits and safety features of a unified Police Protocol, combined with the latest technology in caller interrogation and response prioritization, with the new Police Priority Dispatch System™.

Following the experience of years of trial and success, the PPDS™ seeks to create a unified standard and ensure that all callers will receive a comparable level of service regardless of the incident type or calltaker.

Prioritization of responses and calltaker training enables agencies to match response configurations to the seriousness of the incident and to maximize available resources while minimizing response time and the potential for Emergency Vehicle Collisions.

Public confidence in the system and quality assurance in the workplace will also be built as agencies work from this known and proven service standard.

Time-tested and honored features of the new PPDS:

  • Case Entry standardizes the beginning of each call while assisting the calltaker in the identification of the Chief Complaint type and life threats. When life threats are identified, it quickly and safely provides for early dispatch of resources.
  • Chief Complaints provide defined classifications for caller descriptions. These predetermined classifications enable specific, detailed interrogation and the provision of instructions tailored to the situation.
  • Key Questions collect detailed information per Chief Complaint in a structured, prioritized format. This assures that all necessary questions are asked and the most important questions are asked first.
  • Response Descriptors and Codes safely prioritize agency responses based upon information collected in Case Entry and Key Question interrogations. These set codes allow agencies to pre-assign apparatus based upon local policy and resources.
  • Post-Dispatch and Pre-Arrival Instructions improve quality of service by providing a "Zero-Minute Response™" to callers. These instructions improve scene safety and response effectiveness.
  • Critical EPD Information prompts the Emergency Police Dispatcher to perform critical actions specific to each Chief Complaint. This facilitates response efficiency by helping to ensure that appropriate dispatch actions happen when they should happen.
  • Case Exit standardizes the process of all termination in a safe, reliable manner based upon information collected during the call process.

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