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Larimore Announces Private Job Tracking (Details) Software Web Demo

Larimore's Private Job Tracking (Detail) System takes the labor intensive work of the private job operation and streamlines it into one accurate tracking, assigning, and billing process.

Chesterfield, MO—The Private Job Tracking (Details) system from Larimore Associates is a highly customizable assignment and billing system designed for the specific needs of each department that handles off-duty jobs. This SQL-based software can take the regulations of a very complex assignment / billing process and bring it all into one system.

Given the importance that private jobs have to a department, Larimore’s system has been designed to accommodate all site specific rules for a department. The software is intuitive and easy to use. It can readily track, assign, bill and receive payments for off-duty overtime work.

The selection process for Private Jobs is based around a system that allows the Officers to sign up in advance - giving preferences by day and shift. Once a private duty is assigned, all details are maintained on one convenient screen. The customized format of the screen contains the information needed to fill jobs for a given day and shift - including the Officers’ name, the voluntary signup status, the current hours, the scheduled department work hours, the phone number and any additional information that may be needed.

The ability to quickly switch between jobs is also available so an Officer can pick a specific job to work. With a simple check box, an Officer can choose Accepted, Refused (charge hours) or Bypassed (no-charge). If additional entry fields or codes are needed for the department or the Officer, Larimore Associates can easily make the changes.

Larimore’s Private Job Tracking software can take the labor intensive work of the private job operation and streamline it into one accurate tracking, assigning, and billing process. All hours worked, all Officers assigned and all account information is contained in one straightforward format. Reports are available directly from the Larimore system or through a variety of outputs, including Ad Hoc reports or Crystal reports.

For more information on the Private Job Tracking system, or any of Larimore’s Public Safety software solutions, contact Larimore Associates at (636) 537-3112 or access the web at www.larimore.net. A Larimore Associates representative will also be available for complimentary software demonstrations at the 21st Annual Police Security Expo 2007 in Atlantic City, NJ. Larimore Booth #928 will be open June 19-20th at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

About Larimore Associates, Inc.

Larimore Associates, Inc. is a leading provider of public safety software.  The company was founded in 1970 and continues to be one of few companies in the industry providing customized software solutions.  Its products include Computer Aided Dispatch, Scheduling, Incident Reporting, Arrest Management and NFIRS systems. The company is headquartered in Chesterfield, MO, a suburb of Saint Louis. 

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