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Larimore Offers Fully Integrated State Accident Reporting

Larimore Associates, Inc. offers their fully integrated State Accident Reporting process as a component of their Incident Reporting System.  By integrating the Accident Reporting component with the Incident Reporting System, users are able to seamlessly capture the varied reporting requirements mandated by multiple local and state departments.  Accidents that result in arrests and/or follow-up reports can be entered without switching between reporting modules.  Pre defined reporting requirements may be used to lead the user through only those modules related to accident reporting or can be stepped out of at any time to record unique information.  This flexible process makes any accident event easily reportable without compromising the needs of a truly integrated Report Writing System.

In addition to the text data captured by the Accident Reporting component is a full featured accident drawing tool.  Trancite’s ‘Easy Street Draw’ graphical drawing tool has been selected as the perfect companion product.  Easy Street Draw is a feature rich yet simple to use drawing product capable of replicating any accident situation.  The details of an accident report can be accurately represented on a diagram (or series of diagrams) and saved to the accident module.

Easy Street Draw comes complete with a wide selection of templates that depict standard street configurations.  Each template may be used as is or can easily be modified to replicate any street scene.  Custom templates can also be added to depict common local area accident locations.  Once selected, the streets and surrounding aspects can be quickly reconfigured for greater detail and accuracy.

Street markings, roadside features and traffic sign icons are among the many objects (symbols) that are available through a convenient drag-and-drop process.  Vehicle and human profiles can be added in the same manner.  Each icon on the diagram may be resized or repositioned in relation to the actual occurrence.

The completed accident report with drawing (full screen drawing optional at time of printing) is printable as a standalone report or as part of the standard Incident Report sections.

For more information on the Accident Reporting component, or any of Larimore’s Public Safety software solutions, contact Larimore Associates at (636) 537-3112 or info@larimore.net or access the web at www.larimore.net.

About Larimore Associates, Inc.

 Larimore Associates, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated public safety software solutions.  Founded in 1970, Larimore Associates continues to be one of few companies in the public safety industry providing customized software solutions.  Larimore’s product selection includes Computer Assisted Dispatch along with a wide array of Records Management Systems, encompassing more than 30 modular applications such as; Scheduling, Incident Reporting, Internal Affairs, Arrest Management and NFIRS systems. The company is headquartered in the Saint Louis suburb of Chesterfield, MO.

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