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Larimore Intelligence System Provides Vital Communication Links

Chesterfield, Mo. - When instant communication is absolutely essential, the newly designed Intelligence System from Larimore Associates makes the connection.  Larimore’s Intelligence system establishes efficient communication links between key departmental personnel, officers, dispatchers and other first responders.

To start the process, Intelligence records are created regarding various people or items of interest - a wanted person, vehicle registration, stolen property or firearm.  Then these records are put in the system to await activation.  Once an Intelligence record is identified anywhere else in the reporting or record keeping process - instant communication is established!

When activated, all selected personnel and the various aspects of the reporting process are brought together.  The result is an increased flow of information throughout the police department.

Recently installed for the Brookline (MA) Police Department, Larimore’s Intelligence system automatically contacts specific personnel via cell phone, pager or email any time a flagged record (Name, Vehicle, Property or Location) is identified elsewhere.  The Intelligence system is linked throughout all associated Larimore reporting applications (CAD, Incident Reporting, Arrest, Field Interview, etc).

For the Brookline Police Department, coordination between supervisors, dispatchers and officers in the field has been enhanced.  The streamlined communication process brings about a greater exchange of information as the data flow is increased throughout the department.

“This system’s ability to send out real-time intelligence messages to the investigating officers for a Person, Location or Vehicle gives those officers the ability to make decisions regarding the information as it happens,” Brookline PD officer Scott Wilder said.  “This information stays confidential, except for those officers that are allowed access in the respective Intelligence hub.”

The main benefit of the Intelligence system is immediate notification.  As Intelligence records are identified, the notification process can be routed quickly by cell phone or pager.  An email can also be sent whenever a specific Name, Vehicle or Location record is flagged by the Intelligence system.

An additional benefit is the security that the Intelligence system provides.  Only supervisors, officers or other designated personnel have access to Intelligence records.  System security is established according to departmental policy and can be changed with the needs of the department.
For more information:

Contact Larimore at info@larimore.net or (636) 537-3112.

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