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Announcing a New Public Safety Software Company, Emergency CallWorx®

New “Beyond Next Generation” Products to Début at NENA Conference

Madison, AL — Emergency CallWorx today announced that it will be publicly demonstrating its products for the first time at the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) Annual 9-1-1 Conference in Tampa, Florida from June 7-12, 2008. This event will be the first public appearance of Emergency CallWorx, a company that was created in 2007 as a division of CLJ2, Inc. Craig Dollar, the founder of both CLJ2 and Emergency CallWorx, has been an industry executive, co-founder and consultant of several Public Safety companies over the past two decades.

Emergency CallWorx was created to solve the multi-decade challenges associated with truly integrating the call-taking portion of E9-1-1 with the Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) process that many Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and Dispatch centers use today. The majority of agencies cannot produce a report that accurately tracks an emergency call from receipt to conclusion of a dispatched incident. While legacy vendors are scrambling to add Next Generation 9-1-1 and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) base functionality, Emergency CallWorx started with those building blocks, focusing on the valuable benefits that go beyond mere compliance. Emergency CallWorx applications enable more efficient call-taking and dispatch operations, comply with FCC mandates for wireless E9-1-1 calls, accommodate non-traditional communications and resolve aging legacy support issues most agencies face today.

Emergency CallWorx's highly integrated applications provide the most cost-effective solution for small-to-midsize PSAP and Dispatch centers across North America, yet easily scale upwards into the largest environments by adding commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. This tightly integrated and interoperable solution uses state-of-the-art J2EE Web 2.0, VoIP and GIS technology to provide industry standard E9-1-1 Call Taking, Mapping, Dispatch and Reporting while maximizing COTS Hardware, Software, Telecom, Internet and Wireless technologies.

“As I consulted with industry leaders, vendor executives and PSAP directors, the need for less complexity and more flexibility was a common request,” said Craig Dollar, Emergency CallWorx’s founder and CEO. “A true 'browser-based' architecture that eliminates the requirement for software installation at the operator's console is critical to avoid complex software compatibility and installation problems. Furthermore, our approach solves the need for applications that are easier-to-use, install, maintain and afford for the smallest agencies, which often lack full-time IT personnel.”

About Emergency CallWorx
Founded in 2007, Emergency CallWorx, a division of CLJ2, Inc., provides the PSAP and Dispatch community with the industry’s first truly-integrated solution for receipt of Next Generation 9-1-1 call-taking, dispatching of resources, and transmission of critical information to the mobile workforce while providing a vast array of benefits from VoIP technology. Emergency CallWorx products improve control and administration of the E9-1-1, Emergency Management and Dispatch workflow process while enhancing the speed and accuracy of emergency response.
For more information, visit www.emergencycallworx.com.

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