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Livingston County, Michigan Police Department Selects SunGard's OSSI Public Safety Software


SunGard Public Sector’s OSSI Public Safety Solution will provide the Livingston County Police Department with a fully integrated public safety software solution that will help increase productivity and accountability. Computer Aided Dispatch allows public safety telecommunicators to dispatch and track calls for law, fire and medical units, helping to simplify operations and enable agencies to respond quickly to calls with the right resources. This Microsoft Windows-based application helps provide increased safety for the responding units and is configurable for multi-agencies.

Using the Records Management System, investigators can view all related records for open cases, create photo lineups, perform State/NCIC and police-to-police queries and view CAD event history. The Jails Management System maintains easily accessible data on inmates from booking to release and is fully integrated with the agency’s Record Management System (RMS) to help eliminate duplicate data entry, ensure data integrity and provide comprehensive management reporting. Officers in the field can use mobile computing technology to share information in real time, which will help improve response times and help increase officer and citizen safety.

About SunGard Public Sector

SunGard Public Sector serves a wide range of customers—city and county governments; public safety, justice, and security agencies; school districts; not-for-profit organizations; and state and central governments. SunGard Public Sector products include public administration, public safety and justice, and K-12 education software applications, as well as performance management and managed services. These solutions impact more than 140 million citizens in North America and 40 million citizens in the UK. Visit SunGard Public Sector at www.sungardps.com.

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