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PreSynct Named Law Enforcement Technology 2006 Innovation Award Finalist

Law Enforcement Technology, the leading magazine for law enforcement management for 32 years, in tandem with Law Enforcement Product News, the industry's most comprehensive product information tabloid, announce a call for entries in the 2006 Law Enforcement Technology & Law Enforcement Product News INNOVATION Awards program. This prestigious program recognizes outstanding companies whose products have best responded to law enforcement's market challenges by offering creative and forward-thinking ideas. The ability to anticipate how technology will change, and how products must evolve to stay current is a hallmark of the best companies. Read below for more information on the innovative product.

2006 Innovation Award Finalist Product Name: Presynct Report Network (PRN) Software-as-a-Service
Product Description: Subscription-Based Records Information Systems
2006 Innovation Award Category: Software

The Presynct Report Network (PRN) is a set of software components that form a web-based Records Information Systems (RIS). PRN Software-as-a-Service is affordable, easy to use, demands few, if any, IT staff resources, and simultaneously operates in a discrete and a shared paperless environment. Officers write reports in the system using digitized agency-native forms. This method of data entry accelerates user adoption, minimizes training time, and significantly reduces ongoing user-education costs, especially when compared to intricate, menu-driven systems.

Incident reports are electronically routed for supervisory review, and approved reports are instantly shared with authorized users. The mobile application allows officers to send reports from the field on the MDC or a portable laptop. Operations and training manuals can be integrated for real-time access anytime, anywhere. Incident data for each agency is stored in a discrete N-IBRS database for search and retrieval at the click of a mouse, creating a paperless, multi-agency environment. Presynct is platform independent, uses open-source programming (J2EE), is compatible with industry standards for interoperability and ease of integration, and readily exports data to proprietary systems.

PRN Software-as-a-Service allows small agencies (<50 sworn) to reap digital data benefits comparable to large agencies but relevant to their more limited resources. The subscription model provides economies of scale to even the smallest of agencies and saves infrastructure costs for all agencies.

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