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BlueStreak Connect Announces Partnership With Will County, Illinois Forest Preserve for Field Reporting

Will County Forest Preserve to employ ConnectSuite solution to streamline reporting process and increase data visibility for officers 

Denver, CO—BlueStreak Connect announced today its partnership with the Will County, Illinois Forest Preserve which will be using BlueStreak’s Connect Interviewer solution to streamline the Preserve’s reporting process, freeing-up officers from paperwork and speeding up the flow of information within the agency. BlueStreak’s Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture ensures that Will County officers have an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art reporting technology at an affordable price with the only IT requirement being an internet connection.

Connect Interviewer is a questionnaire based tool that offers an easy to use and customized data collection system that streamlines the reporting process for law enforcement. Connect Interviewer pre-populates reoccurring fields such as officer’s name, or ID number, which saves time and increases data accuracy.  Information that is collected is used to intelligently complete all required reports, including any supplemental forms that may exist.  Dynamic questionnaires ensure that all data fields are relevant to the particular event.

As of now, all 33 officers at the Will County Forest Preserve rely on a paper-based system where reports must be hand-written and filed manually.  Once fully implemented, Connect Interviewer will streamline the reporting process and digitize all of the Preserve’s records, making them available in real-time to all stationary and mobile units from desktop and laptop PCs.  Additionally, Connect Interviewer will store all records in a format compatible with federal data standards ensuring that the Will County Forest Preserve can share information with first responder agencies in real-time when necessary.

“We are very excited about this partnership opportunity and are glad to provide the Will County Forest Preserve with a technology that will help cut down on the time officers spend on paperwork, giving them more time to focus on actual police work,” said Paul Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at BlueStreak Connect.  “Furthermore, we consider affordable, flexible technologies like Connect Interviewer as being crucial to efforts to close gaps in nationwide information networks.”

About BlueStreak Connect
BlueStreak Connect, founded in 2007, specializes in delivering automated solutions designed specifically for law enforcement operations. Connect Suite, the company’s core technology is a data collection tool that enables officers to collect, search, report, manage and share information on virtually any law enforcement incident.  The company’s corporate offices are located in Denver, Colorado.  Please visit: www.bluestreakconnect.com.

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