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Why Video Analysis?

Many industries use video on a daily basis: security, law enforcement, military, surveillance, and even retail sales. The average person is captured on video eight times a day. However, to derive full benefit from this video information, organizations often need to employ video analysis systems that can augment unclear, distorted, or otherwise illegible video information and help track subjects in hours of footage.

Video analysis can stabilize jittery video. It stabilizes video from unsteady cameras, like those dash-mounted in police cars or surveillance cameras affected by strong wind. Once shakey video is stabilized, you can more effectively add additional enhancement tools for greater image clarity. As an example Video Analysis was used by the FBI during 1996 Summer Olympic Games to enhance a crime scene video recorded in near total darkness.

Most video data is interlaced, first displaying half of the image (the odd field) top to bottom, and then displaying the other half (the even field), overlaying but offsetting the image faster than the eye can see. Many times, these two scans of the image can make it appear blurry. These fields can be converted to frames by using a deinterlace tool. Once converted to frames, other Video Analyst tools can be used to further enhance the image.

Deinterlacing allows the user to separate those fields into individual frames that are much clearer and easier to enhance.

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PoliceOne White Paper: 2016 State of Video Evidence Management for Predictive Policing

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