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You Know the Robber Had a Gun. We Know Why you Can't See It On the Tape - dTective

Catch More Bad Guys in Less Time

The clerk says the robber had a gun. When you view the surveillance tapes, all you see is a jumble of multiplexed images flashing by so quickly you can’t make heads or tails of them. You pause the tape on an image but when you print it, it’s useless - it comes out blurry.

Without the right tools, video evidence is as frustrating as it is valuable.

With Ocean Systems' dTective™, exposing and clarifying the hidden details in video evidence is easy. Your tapes that seemed worthless can now produce the clear video images you need. dTective™, powered by Avid Xpress™, is the choice of major law enforcement agencies throughout North America. dTective™ has comprehensive tools for processing video evidence. dPlex™ isolates individual cameras from multi-camera surveillance tapes.

dVeloper™ dramatically enhances important details. MAGNIFi™ defines a specific region of an image like a license plate or a face and enlarges it to any size. Spotlight™ highlights a person or object and tracks it as it moves. Spotlight™ also blurs objects like the faces of undercover police officers or witnesses. Powered by Avid Xpress™

Get the tools you need to turn video into convictions.

Contact Ocean Systems today to receive your free CD-ROM of the forensic video seminar "Unlocking Hidden Evidence" or call 800-253-7516 for further information.

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