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Thermal-Eye 5000xp Makes the Unseen World a Little Safer for Those That Keep Us Safe

L-3 Communications Infrared's high-performance thermal imaging camera now has four times the pixels for improved clarity

DALLAS - "The unseen world, whether hidden in darkness, blurred by smoke or cloaked in rain, can be a dangerous place, but every night, police officers, firefighters and rescue personnel enter that unseen world to protect us from what's lurking there," Mike Studer, vice president of marketing for L-3 Communications Infrared Products, said. "What we want to do is protect them by providing them with a better set of eyes, which is exactly what the Thermal-Eye 5000xp camera is."

An addition to the popular Thermal-Eye 4000 series product line, the 5000xp thermal imaging camera enables users to see the unseen with much improved clarity and sharpness and, ultimately, to make better and more informed life-saving decisions. The camera uses L-3's Gold-Standard Barium Strontium Titanate (BST) thermal imaging technology to provide a clear 320 by 240-pixel image - a 400 percent increase in pixels over the previous model (from 19,200 pixels to 76,800 pixels) - with twice the field-of-view.

"Whether you're monitoring the perimeter of a nuclear power plant, patrolling the streets of a city or out on a boat in darkness or harsh weather, you need to be able to see clearly, at long distances and in any environment, in order to decide on your best course of action in dangerous situations," Studer said. "The Thermal-Eye 5000xp enables everyday heroes like police officers and firefighters to make these kinds of decisions with the best possible information, resulting in saved lives and property."

Thermal imaging cameras, like the Thermal-Eye 5000xp, are typically used in a variety of applications, from law enforcement to search and rescue missions, including those initial days following natural disasters. For instance, a thermal imaging camera would allow rescuers to scan an area and locate victims stranded by harsh snow storms or blizzards, like those faced by Colorado residents this winter - a feat that is highly difficult to accomplish with the naked eye alone.

In addition, the Thermal-Eye 5000xp is ideal for boating or other maritime applications due to its rugged, weather-resistant housing. The camera also features solar immunity, which allows it to stare directly into sunlight without the need for expensive filters, so there is no degradation in image quality. The high-performance Thermal-Eye 5000xp is capable of monitoring a full perimeter in darkness and in any weather, and it can spot potential criminal activity or safety hazards up to 1,500 feet away. The camera features a joystick-controlled 360 degree continuous pan, a wide tilt range and a video-out for remote monitoring or VCR.

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