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Search Systems Incorporated Tactical Thermal Imaging

Maintaining their reputation achieved over the last fifteen years of providing the latest in technology to support the needs of public safety personnel, SEARCH SYSTEMS, INC. has announced their entry into the Tactical Thermal Imaging market with the SEARCHCAM® TacTIC™ and the SEARCHCAM® TacTIC H2™ systems.

The SEARCHCAM TacTIC H2 (Hand Held Tactical Thermal Imaging Camera) has been designed for night vision surveillance of incident perimeters and other no light / low light applications.

The BlueLife™ Image feature shows body temperature images in a brilliant blue hue so that human figures may be easily discerned in the image evaluation. Objects over 220є appear in red. When the cross hairs in the center of the camera image are placed upon an object, the camera provides the actual temperature of that object.

Other features include: a full 5" LCD display, Field Replaceable Protective Screens, an integrated Digital Compass, Digital Zoom (2X), and replaceable / rechargeable Lithium Ion (LI) Cartridge Batteries or a sealed lead acid battery . The unit is light weight (2.2 pounds) and can be easily stowed.

The combination of the 36° Field Of View (FOV) and the Digital Zoom provides the ability to view wide areas at a distance and to zoom in on items of particular interest with greater detail. Additionally, the FOV supports the ability to use the equipment in close operations.

The LI Battery cartridge will operate the systems from 2 to 3 hours of continuous operation depending upon the level of brightness used on the monitor. The system comes with three LI batteries and a charger. A battery can be recharged in approximately 3 hours. Rotating batteries between active use and the charger will provide 24/7 operation. The power sources for the charger are 120 VAC or 12V automobile current. Additionally, the Searchcam sealed lead acid battery can be used; thereby, making the unit compatible with other cameras produced by Search Systems. The sealed lead acid batteries will operate the system for over 5 hours of continuous operation.

The SEARCHCAM TacTIC provides an articulating (260є) camera head on an 11' probe. The camera head contains the traditional black and white CCD camera, a 16 element infrared (non-visible) illumination array and a thermal imaging camera. The operator can instantly alternate between video modes by simply pressing a button.

The probe and the extension capability make this system great for clearance operations and surveillance in all lighting conditions. It is typically used to clear access in stairwells, rooms, attics, and to provide surveillance through multiple story windows. The availability of the two video protocols provides an added level of protection for the operator and the team. A subject that can hide themselves from physical view of the CCD camera can often be detected by using the Thermal Imaging protocol. For instance, even when a subject is hidden beneath attic insulation, their heat pattern can be viewed via thermal imaging.

The TacTIC also uses the same LI cartridge battery as the TacTIC H2. The internal battery system eliminates the need for external cables that can be a nuisance to the operator. It can also use the traditional SEARCHCAM sealed lead acid battery if desired.

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