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Zistos Collaborates with Awareness Protective Consultants, LLC

Zistos has teamed-up with Awareness Protective Consultants, LLC (APCLLC) to use Zistos Tactical Systems in their training programs. This collaboration will allow the training end-user to test and evaluate the tactical equipment and other Zistos equipment as needed, as part of APCLLC’s real-time training.

Awareness Protective Consultants, LLC is a consulting and training firm based in Piscataway, New Jersey; founded in 2003 by Jose Medina. The staff at APCLLC is a cadre of active and former law enforcement and military personnel with a solid background in SWAT and tactical operations.

APCLLC has trained countless tactical practitioners in federal, state, and local law enforcement, military and private sector. They prepare their clients to safely and effectively meet the challenges of a crisis situation. Through its partnerships, they have developed an exclusive training agreement with RAP AIR, a weapons training system that allows them to bring their clients the most realistic, educational experience with a strong sense of their "tactical intelligence."

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