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IWCE Takes the Show On The Road - Bringing You The Facts on the 800MHz Decision!

IWCE Takes The Show On The Road –
Bringing You The Facts on the 800MHz Decision!

Updated Information Schedule – Date & Venue Information

Thanks to all of you for the overwhelming response to our recent announcement about this new IWCE program!

IWCE is bringing the show to you – bringing you the facts from drafters of the Consensus Plan, Nextel, independent engineers and licensees who have been through the re-tuning process. The FCC’s decision regarding the reorganization of the 700, 800 and 900MHz and 1.9GHz bands is going to make quite an impact on the industry and everyone in it.

For your planning purposes, here is the tentative schedule of the IWCE 800 MHz Traveling Road Show program consisting of one-day educational seminars to help keep you up to speed with the recent changes. Come participate in this timely, non-biased, one-day conference session on the decision and how re-banding will work for everyone involved. Presenters will include those involved in every phase of drafting, planning and implementing efforts to eliminate interference in the band. This will also be an excellent networking opportunity, with licensees having the opportunity to meet with radio dealers and engineers that are interested in performing re-banding work.

Schedule, to date, is as follows:

  • Friday, October 1 in New York City
  • Wednesday, October 5 in Dallas co-locating with PCIA’s meeting
  • Friday, October 22 in New Orleans
  • Tuesday, October 26 in Washington DC
  • Friday, October 29 in St. Louis co-locating with the Illinois Mobile Radio Dealers’ Association Meeting
  • Friday, November 5 in Orlando co-locating with the EDACS User’s Group Meeting
  • Monday, November 15 in Las Vegas as a special joint conference with AMTA at their annual meeting

    Note: pricing will be approximately $150 per person for the one-day session with discounts available for public safety licensees and multiple registrations from the same company/agency.

    This education is essential to all wireless industry professionals, especially:

  • 800MHz Public Safety Licensees
  • 800MHz Businesses, Industrial and SMR Licensees
  • 900MHz Business, Industrial and SMR Licensees (particularly for those converting licenses to commercial operation)
  • Radio Dealer/Service Shops (you will be performing the bulk of the re-tuning work)
  • Tower Operator’s (you will be concerned with space issues during re-banding and future requirements to avoid interference)
  • Broadcast Auxiliary Licensees in the 1.9GHz band that will be moved to other spectrum
  • Engineering Consultants looking to ensure that their clients operate interference-free

    During the one-day session you will:
    1. Gain knowledge about the Report & Order and learn how it will impact you 2. Understand the differences in the reallocation plan in the Mexican and Canadian Border Regions 3. Receive instructions on how to re-tune your system to avoid needless downtime 4. Hear an explanation of the cost processing process to ensure that your costs are paid in full and on time 5. Review engineering issues to be considered 6. Learn how to spot and mitigate interference both now and in the future 7. Discuss the government contracting process, for those radio dealers that would like to perform re-banding work for government entities

    Additional specific information on each scheduled meeting as well as Registration Materials will follow shortly. In many cases, seating will be limited. To reserve a space for yourself now, please email Tara Kuhn at Tkuhn@PrimediaBusiness.com with your name, venue preference, and the number of seats you wish to reserve.

    Companies wishing to participate as a sponsor of this IWCE Traveling Road Show Program should contact either Renie Fuselier at 720/489-3137 (rfuselier@primediabusiness.com) or Katherine Leon at 203/358-3709 (kleon@primediabusiness.com)

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