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Padcom® Announces Comprehensive CDMA Network Roaming Solution

Bethlehem, PA – Padcom, Inc., a leader in Mobile VPN software solutions for secure, continuous network connectivity to critical applications, today announced a solution to provide seamless network roaming between multiple CDMA 1xRTT networks. The solution, being deployed by a customer migrating from a CDPD network, enables continuous connectivity for over 1,500 field service personnel as they move between two CDMA 1xRTT networks used for critical data communication.

The TotalRoam solution bridges similar technologies from different carriers by providing a unique VPN IP address for the mobile devices, allowing users to roam between the two networks without dropping their connection or having to re-authenticate. Additionally, a single modem can be used to connect to both carrier networks. Back-end routing is being managed by a roaming agreement between the two carriers. For organizations with large service areas the TotalRoam solution offers the ability to manage coverage issues and provide a better end-user experience with reduced technical support.

"We are pleased to offer a TotalRoam solution that adds value to single as well as multiple network implementations," said Scott Stone, CEO for Padcom, Inc. "While this is the first time we have addressed the issue of carrier-to-carrier roaming, we expect to see more opportunities to implement this solution for large organizations, like utilities and state governments, whose significant geographic territories make it more difficult for a single carrier to provide complete coverage. The ability for customers to expand their coverage area while maintaining ease of use for their mobile workers illustrates the value that our solution brings."

"Our wide area roaming solution is an extension of the mobile virtual network created by TotalRoam," explained Stone. "In addition to managing IP addressing and security, this solution creates a platform from which a customer can easily add functionality as their needs evolve. "

Padcom's TotalRoam® software enables users to take advantage of virtually any combination of wireless data networks without compromising usability or security. TotalRoam seamlessly integrates wireless broadband and public and private wide area networks and manages network connectivity and security, allowing users to effortlessly roam between available networks without the need to re-connect. The software applies a consistent level of security on all active networks through a mobile VPN that includes end-to-end FIPS 140-2 validated encryption.


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