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PoliceOne.com AcquiresThe Police Marksman

30 Year Old Publication Joins Calibre Press as Part of PoliceOne Team

San Francisco, Calif. - PoliceOne.com, the leading online information and training resource for law enforcement, today announced that it has acquired The Police Marksman, one of the nation's most respected and recognized law enforcement magazines. With this announcement, The Police Marksman will join Calibre Press and the Street Survival Seminar under the PoliceOne umbrella further reinforcing PoliceOne's leadership position in the arena of officer safety and training and strengthening its ability to deliver the most timely and relevant information to law enforcement.

"For more than 30 years, The Police Marksman has consistently provided officers and trainers with the kind of timely, practical articles they need to stay safe and be more effective on the street," said Alexander S. Ford, President and CEO of PoliceOne.com. "The magazine's mission falls squarely in line with that of PoliceOne.com and Calibre Press. The addition of this publication to our organization represents a powerful step forward in our efforts to keep law enforcement safer and more informed than ever before."

Supported by an impressive team of expert advisors and authors, The Police Marksman focuses primarily on topics related to firearms training, defensive tactics and officer survival. The magazine's article topics range widely, from preventing accidental discharges, training for real-world deadly force encounters and strategies for off-duty survival to rescuing downed officers, responding to mass emergencies and tactics for firearm use and edged weapons defense.

Additionally, The Police Marksman introduces officers to the latest in law enforcement firearms and equipment and provides them with candid evaluations of their effectiveness and practicality.

"PoliceOne is the ideal organization to pick up the reins of The Police Marksman and carry on its three-decade history of quality and service to law enforcement," said the magazine's founder Leslie Dees. "After 30 years of building our strong reputation, it was extremely important for us to find a market-leading, forward-thinking organization that could not just support the mission of the magazine, but take it to the next level. PoliceOne is in a perfect position to do that."

"I have always admired The Police Marksman's tireless dedication to officer survival," said Chuck Remsberg, Senior Contributor for PoliceOne.com and co-founder of Calibre Press and the Street Survival Seminar. "They've done an outstanding job of going beyond superficial treatment of critical survival topics and delivering practical, substantive articles that keep officers alive. They take the time to tap the leading experts in law enforcement, which is crucial to producing the kind of high-quality, potentially life-saving publication they're known for."

A robust plan for heavily integrating PoliceOne feature articles and expert columns into Police Marksman, and visa versa, has begun and a program for including a free subscription to Police Marksman magazine for each Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar attendee will be launched within the next month. Additionally, enhanced packages for advertisers and Street Survival Seminar sponsors interested in exposure across all of the group's electronic, print and on-site channels are now being offered.

Plans are now in motion to integrate Police Marksman with PoliceOne and Calibre Press through content sharing efforts, offering magazine subscriptions to Street Survival Seminar attendees and working with manufacturers and trainers to introduce new product information and research.

About PoliceOne.com:

PoliceOne.com is the leading law enforcement web site in the country with more than 120,000 registered members. PoliceOne provides law enforcement-specific resources designed to help officers be safer, be more effective and better protect their communities. Resources include expert articles, training information, law enforcement news, officer safety alerts, secure forums, and an email newsletter sent to more than 75,000 law enforcement officers nationwide. PoliceOne also offers nearly 150 product categories which cover law enforcement essentials such as body armor, communications equipment, duty gear, tactical products, vehicle equipment, and the latest technologies. For more information on PoliceOne, visit www.policeone.com.

About The Police Marksman

Founded in 1976, The Police Marksman is distributed nationally to law enforcement professionals of all ranks. For 30 years, the publication has focused on topics that directly impact police officers' work including firearms skills and effectiveness, defensive tactics, search techniques, legal issues of note, off-duty survival strategies and tips for special assignments including SWAT and undercover work. The magazine boasts some of the country's top law enforcement writers and an impressive Advisory Board of leading law enforcement experts.

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