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PoliceOne.com To Help Arm Law Enforcement In The Fight Against Terrorism

SAN FRANCISCO -- (October 10, 2001) -- PoliceOne.com, the complete Internet resource for law enforcement, today launched an online initiative designed to assist Law Enforcement agencies in the war against terrorism. A special section on PoliceOne.com, this resource will provide state, local and Federal agencies with a mechanism to access information, training and updates as well as a network of anti-terrorism experts. PoliceOne.com is the flagship brand and Web site of the Praetorian Group, Inc., which enterprise applications designed to streamline and automate processes within Law Enforcement and Public Safety agencies.

"Information will be the key weapon in the war against terrorism and a successful campaign will require coordination across all agencies and jurisdictions. PoliceOne.com is in a unique position to disseminate information across all 40 federal bureaus and offices and the nearly 20,000 state and local departments as well as to and from the private sector and our association partners," said Alex Ford, CEO and Co-founder of the Praetorian Group and PoliceOne.com. "We have an obligation to the Law Enforcement community we serve to provide access to the broad range of resources at our disposal to assist in this fight."

PoliceOne.com’s online anti-terrorism resource will include:

  • Latest terrorism-related news in partnership with Lexis-Nexis, Inc.
  • Anti-terrorism articles and training information
  • Bulletin boards and forums, secure for law enforcement, designed to facilitate anti-terrorism information sharing
  • Network of experts
  • Lists of additional online research, resources and links
  • Secure access, available only to confirmed Law Enforcement professionals

"PoliceOne.com is one of the few entities in Law Enforcement which shares both my vision and the breadth of contacts in bringing high level 'protective' personnel from many agencies together", says FC Miller, internationally recognized anti-terrorism expert, Editor in Chief of ‘Informed Source,’ and Managing Director of the International Association of Professional Protection Specialists (IAPPS). "One of the most vital advances in national security is the recognition that personnel in all sectors can collectively achieve the same goals when they work together as a high level, hard driving team. PoliceOne.com along with Informed Source and the IAPPS is leading the charge in real teamwork."

In addition to developing a broad base of anti-terrorism resources online, PoliceOne.com has taken a number of other steps in light of the recent tragic events to support Law Enforcement in this time of crisis. PoliceOne.com has created a special "Attack on America" section with up-to-date news and information and condolences from officers from across the globe, and has sponsored a memorial fund in the name of NYPD officers killed at the World Trade Center. PoliceOne.com is also offering free stress counseling to Law Enforcement officers on how to cope with the tragedy and the pressures they face on the job, and is helping the NYPD hire officers more quickly and more efficiently through it’s new Police Recruiter web site and application.

About PoliceOne.com:
PoliceOne.com is the one complete Internet resource for Law Enforcement with more than 60,000 registered law enforcement members, representing more than 9,000 departments. A secure Web site, PoliceOne.com provides Law Enforcement-specific information and applications in a secure environment that helps keep officers safer and more effective on the streets and helps departments operate more efficiently. These resources include daily law enforcement news and feature articles, a PoliceNetwork application that links officers across the country, training information, forums, chat rooms, a bi-weekly member newsletter, and a vast array of links and information. For more information, visit www.PoliceOne.com.

About Praetorian Group, Inc.:
The Praetorian Group is a venture-backed enterprise software company that creates e-business solutions, which automate and streamline inefficient processes within Law Enforcement and Public Safety agencies across the country. These solutions address mission critical Law Enforcement functions, such as recruiting, procurement, information sharing, research, communication and training. For more information, visit www.PraetorianGroup.com.


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