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PoliceOne.com Announces Ongoing Partnership With The Leopard Challenge

LEOPARD and World SWAT Challenge

The LEOPARD Challenge began in the late 1970's after research conducted by Dr. Paul O. Davis on the relationships between fitness and occupational tasks. The LEOPARD Challenge was designed to a higher level of physical fitness and a competitive environment. The LEOPARD Challenge has quickly become a well recognized and respected venue for law enforcement skills training. As PoliceOne continues to grow, a high priority continues to be sponsoring programs that contribute to effective law enforcement and which help the general public gain a better understanding of what it takes to be a police officer. The partnership is designed make more officers and potential sponsors aware of this ongoing annual event. With a history of supporting programs that promote officer safety and training, PoliceOne will provide wide-reaching exposure for the event to its 75,000 law enforcement members. In exchange, the LEOPARD Challenge will help promote PoliceOne on its website and at its competitions as a trusted source for law enforcement information and resources.

Alexander Ford, CEO and Co-Founder of PoliceOne is a strong supporter of law enforcement training and the LEOPARD Challenge. "Tactical training and physical fitness are essential for effective law enforcement, both nationwide and globally. The LEOPARD Challenge provides an exciting venue, and we are proud to support their mission in this important area."

Greg Williams, LEOPARD Program Manager and a former law enforcement officer, is enthusiastic about this support and states "a partnership with PoliceOne will be instrumental in the future success of our program."

About PoliceOne
PoliceOne.com is the one complete resource for Law Enforcement, with more than 75,000 registered Law Enforcement members representing more than 12,000 agencies. A secure website, PoliceOne.com provides law enforcement-specific resources designed to keep officers safer and more effective on the streets. These resources include daily law enforcement news, expert articles, training information, officer safety alerts, chat rooms and secure forums, and an email newsletter sent to over 50,000 Law Enforcement officers nationwide. PoliceOne also offers more than 75 product categories which cover Law Enforcement essentials such as Body Armor, Communications Equipment, Duty Gear, Tactical Products, Vehicle Equipment, and the latest technologies. For more information on PoliceOne, visit www.policeone.com

About the Leopard Challenge
The Leopard Challenge is an intense, friendly and spirited inter- and intramural competition that takes place on a defined obstacle course. The LEOPARD Challenge is the national competitive level of the LEOPARD Program. It is a spirited and friendly competition based on physical and policing skills routinely encountered in the law enforcement setting. It demonstrates the highest level of police officer fitness and is completely voluntary. In addition, the LEOPARD Challenge is law enforcement's public platform where the real requirements of policing are demonstrated to the citizenry. This is where a newfound respect and admiration for law enforcement is being built as the best men and women officers showcase their fitness and skills. For more information, please visit www.theleopard.org.

Leopard Challenge

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