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PoliceOne.com Launches "PoliceOne Training Network" To Increase Nationwide Access To Training

San Francisco, CA - March 21, 2005 - PoliceOne.com, the nation's leading resource for law enforcement information, announces the launch of the PoliceOne Training Network. Developed in response to the demand for increased delivery of top-quality, well diversified training on a national level, the PoliceOne Training Network will utilize traditional classroom settings, a custom-built online training platform and a touring seminar to train both individual officers and entire agencies.

The network will provide a platform for trainers from all areas of law enforcement to leverage PoliceOne's capabilities and reach. "Our global reach within the law enforcement community allows us two rare opportunities," says PoliceOne CEO Alexander Ford. "We are able to maintain consistent contact with nearly 400,000 police professionals every month and we are able to establish relationships with the top trainers and training institutions in the world. With that, we have both the ability and the responsibility to put the two in touch on a mass level."

PoliceOne has signed ACMi Systems, the Redman Training Division and the TeamOne Network as the first set of partners within the PoliceOne Training Network. In addition, PoliceOne has announced a relationship with Fox Valley Technical College Criminal Justice Division, one of the leading Criminal Justice Programs in the nation, to provide certification and college credit for course curriculum. Through these relationships, the PoliceOne Training Network now offers more than 75 courses and special programs with topics ranging from Use of Force and Defensive Tactics, to Law Enforcement Leadership and Crowd Management.

"With this relationship comes a high level of training expertise and a team of top trainers like Gary Klugiewicz, one of the nation's leading subject control and active countermeasures experts; Dave Young, a top authority in chemical and specialty impact munitions, crowd control and ground defense; and John Meyer, Jr., an internationally respected authority on tactical training for police and special operations," says Ford. To view the FVTC Tactical Training Division's 2005 Course Calendar, visit http://www.PoliceOne.com/TTD.

In addition to partnering with the nation's largest training entities, the PoliceOne Training Network will also team with qualified training companies and organizations as well as individual instructors to help ensure that necessary training expertise is not left untapped. "Currently, in many cases, crucial information is only shared regionally or, worse, left dormant because there's no vehicle through which it can be shared nationally," says Ford. "The PoliceOne Training Network has been launched to ensure that officers, agencies and training entities of all sizes can learn from and support each other. Access to high level training and information is critical for law enforcement to effectively confront the many challenges it faces today."

About PoliceOne.com:

PoliceOne.com is the leading law enforcement web site in the nation with more than 85,000 registered members. PoliceOne provides law enforcement-specific resources designed to help officers be safe, be more effective and better protect their communities. Resources include expert articles, training information, law enforcement news, officer safety alerts, secure forums, and an email newsletter sent to over 50,000 law enforcement officers nationwide. PoliceOne also offers more than 95 product categories which cover the law enforcement essentials such as body armor, communications equipment, duty gear, tactical products, vehicle equipment, and the latest technologies.

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