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PoliceOne.com Partners with OnTarget Challenge, Inc. to Promote Original SWAT Series Competitions

Leading online law enforcement companies team up with co-marketing partnership

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - PoliceOne.com, the leading online information and training resource for law enforcement, today announced that it is partnering with OnTarget Challenge, Inc. (OTC), a leading producer of police, fire and military competitions. The partnership is aimed at driving online exposure to OnTarget’s SWAT series of competitive law enforcement events as well as promoting PoliceOne.com at events across the country.

The partnership brings together two of the top entities in the law enforcement community. With a community of more than 175,000 law enforcement professionals, PoliceOne provides a complete array of resources online, in print through The Police Marksman, and in person through the Calibre Press Street Survival Seminars. OnTarget’s Original SWAT World Challenge, a competitive series that encompasses all of North America and attracts teams from around the world, is the only SWAT competition that has enjoyed continuous television coverage, airing on high-profile networks such as ESPN and OLN from 2004 through 2006.

“PoliceOne has been very successful in an area that has always been key to us: bringing together law enforcement personnel,” said Patrick Jameson, Executive Vice President of OnTarget Challenge, Inc. “By partnering together, we will be able to do an even better job of bringing our and our sponsors’ events, products and services to a broader audience for the benefit of the entire law enforcement community.”

The SWAT series consists of four primary competitions: the Original SWAT World Challenge, the World Series of SWAT, the Northeastern SWAT Challenge and the Law Enforcement Officer Performance and Reaction Drill Challenge (LEOPARD) Challenge. The competitions are aimed at testing the fitness, organization, skills and teamwork of SWAT teams through a number of stressful and realistic scenarios.

With the new partnership, PoliceOne and OnTarget aim to expand the training opportunities for world class SWAT teams, expand the field of international competitors and increase attendance at the events.

“One of our top priorities is to effectively spread information about law enforcement safety and training both nationally and internationally,” said Alex Ford, CEO of PoliceOne. “This partnership with OnTarget, the most visible and respected entity in competitive law enforcement events, presents a great opportunity to deliver our message to more members of the law enforcement community.” 

PoliceOne will create and host a section dedicated to the SWAT Series, featuring a complete set of information and resources about the events. The section will provide PoliceOne members with the opportunity to register to compete in future SWAT series events.

In return, PoliceOne will receive consistent marketing exposure at all OnTarget events, including banners to be displayed during the televised Original SWAT World Challenge.

The SWAT Series begins April 25-28 at Camp Robinson in Little Rock, AR. The full event schedule can be found at http://www.swatseries.com/.

About PoliceOne.com

PoliceOne.com is the leading law enforcement web site in the country, with more than 175,000 registered members.  PoliceOne provides law enforcement-specific resources designed to help officers be safer, be more effective and better protect their communities.  Resources include expert articles, training information, law enforcement news, officer safety alerts, secure forums, and an email newsletter sent to more than 90,000 law enforcement officers nationwide.  PoliceOne also offers nearly 180 product categories which cover law enforcement essentials such as body armor, communications equipment, duty gear, tactical products, vehicle equipment, and the latest technologies. For more information on PoliceOne, visit www.policeone.com.

For information on PoliceOne, visit http://www.policeone.com/about/.

About OnTarget Challenge, Inc.

OnTarget Challenge, Inc. is an event management, promotions and television production company with over 15 years of experience conducting "Challenge" type competitions for police, fire and military. The properties owned by OTC include: The Firefighter Combat Challenge, The Firefighter Combat Relay, The LEOPARD Challenge, The Original SWAT World Challenge, The Canadian Tactical Challenge, The Rocky Mountain Tactical Challenge, The Northeastern SWAT Challenge, The Best Ranger Challenge, and The Marine Corps Super Squad Challenge.

Since 2004, the Original SWAT World Challenge Series has grown into a four event competitive series that encompasses all of North America and attracts teams from around the world. The purpose of the Original Swat Series Challenge is to provide a platform for law enforcement SWAT and Tactical Teams to gather for training, the exchange of ideas, and competition.

For more information regarding OnTarget Challenge, Inc. or any of the competitive events it produces please visit http://www.swatseries.com/.

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