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Exclusive 20% Discount for First Responders from Pearson's Properties

Vacation in Orlando, and get 20% discount - Luxury Vacation Homes at affordable prices.

So you have decided to vacation in Florida this year, Great choice, but where do you stay? Hotels can be expensive, and renting out homes can be equally as expensive, Right? WRONG! Renting short term vacation homes is more affordable than most people think, for example, to rent a home through Pearson's Properties, LLC that is the equivalent or better standard than a 3/4 star hotel could cost from $100.00 per night, try getting a hotel for that !!

And as if that is not cheap enough, all first responders get a 20% discount, all you need to do when you call is quote this offer code :- PPM-032604

Now you are asking yourself, if it is much more luxurious to stay in a home, and it is more cost effective to stay in a home, why isn't everybody doing it? Well, many people have not discovered it yet, and many others have not found a good reputable company like Pearson's Properties to rent from, after all you have been saving for this vacation all year, you wouldn't want it to be ruined by sub standard accommodation would you!

If you are not a first responder, but are reading this newsletter, call us today, and we can offer 10% discount.

For more information about renting a home in Orlando, where to purchase your attraction tickets, and to reserve a property, please call us toll free on 1-866-849-2434 or visit us online at www.ppmflorida.com/911

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