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Praetorian Group Site Traffic Grows to 1.5 Million Unique Visitors per Month

Fifty percent increase over December ‘07 further establishes Praetorian as leading public safety online media company

San Francisco, CA – The Praetorian Group, the leading online media company for the public safety market, announced that it now reaches 1.5 million first responders each month across its network of public safety web sites, further establishing the company as the top provider of online resources to first responders.

The number of unique visitors to Praetorian’s network of sites represents dramatic growth of nearly 50% from December 2007 to March 2008.  At the same time, Praetorian’s membership totals are rising significantly and now total more than 333,000 registered first responders. The Praetorian network reaches public safety professionals across multiple sectors and includes 16 first responder-focused web sites such as leading news and information resources PoliceOne.com, FireRescue1.com and EMS1.com.

“We are thrilled with the tremendous growth thus far in 2008, a clear endorsement by public safety professionals of our unique approach to providing interactive, informative online environments,” said Alex Ford, CEO of The Praetorian Group. “It is an honor to be relied on as a valuable source of critical news, product information and training resources by 1.5 million first responders each month – a hugely significant percentage of the total first responder community.”    

The biggest gains in monthly unique visitors were seen across Praetorian’s primary sites, PoliceOne.com, FireRescue1.com and EMS1.com, which collectively grew by 18 percent.

Among the notable traffic increases on these sites:

  1. PoliceOne, the leading online resource for law enforcement, now receives more than 691,000 unique visitors each month, an increase of 11 percent from December 2007. PoliceOne has also added nearly 15,000 new members during that period of time. 
  2. FireRescue1, the second most visited and fastest growing online resource for firefighters, now receives nearly 240,000 unique visits each month, an increase of 28 percent from December 2007.
  3. EMS1, the fastest growing online resource for EMS personnel, now receives nearly 87,000 monthly unique visitors, an increase of 115 percent from December 2007.

A significant factor in Praetorian’s traffic growth is the recent launch and remarkable success of three new online video communities: BLUtube.com, FlashoverTV.com and ParamedicTV.com. The sites, which feature a wide range of user-contributed video content focused on law enforcement, firefighting and EMS, respectively, have been met with immediate and dramatic success in the first few months since their launch. Collectively, the sites have delivered more than 6 million video views to date on our video sites.

Some significant stats and figures regarding the video sites:

  1. BLUtube.com, which launched in October 2007, has grown at an unprecedented rate, now reaching 230,000 unique visitors and delivering upwards of 1.1 million video views each month.
  2. FlashoverTV.com debuted in January 2008 and already reaches 81,000 unique visitors a month, with nearly 700 firefighting videos.
  3. ParamedicTV.com, which launched in February 2008, has grown to 34,000 monthly unique visitors within less than two months.

Each of Praetorian’s web sites is designed to serve as a central resource for professionals within their respective segments of the public safety community. By combining strong, continually-updated editorial content and product information with cutting edge, interactive Web 2.0 features, Praetorian’s sites function as comprehensive portals for first responders to access the information needed to stay safe, better protect their communities and improve their on-the-job performance.

In addition to serving as a key resource for 1.5 million first responders, Praetorian has become known for providing creative, next generation marketing programs for clients that extend beyond typical banner campaigns. From its novel Product Research Category model (eg. http://www.policeone.com/police-products) to advanced solutions such as targeted micro sites (eg. http://www.firerehab.com), Praetorian has demonstrated the ability to deliver client messaging to a wide audience of public safety professionals.

About The Praetorian Group

The Praetorian Group is the leading online media and technology company in the public safety market. Our properties are visited by more than 1.5 million first responders and public safety professionals every month. Praetorian owns and operates www.PoliceOne.com, www.FireRescue1.com, www.EMS1.com, www.CorrectionsOne.com and www.Homeland1.com, as well as online video communities www.BLUtube.com, www.FlashoverTV.com, and www.ParamedicTV.com. We are deeply committed to providing resources and cutting edge information that help first responders stay safer, become better informed and more effectively protect their communities. 


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