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Got a Funny On-Duty Story to Share?

Calling all cops: We’re looking for funny on-duty stories of the weird and the freaky. Every LEO has at least one "perp fail" story, one that you've shared with fellow officers countless times – such as a humorous incident where a clueless perp ended up wearing your handcuffs. PerpFail.com, a recently launched humor blog, wants your submissions.

PerpFail is a humor blog authored exclusively by those who wear law enforcement uniforms, telling the stories they witness every day in the course of their work. There are thousands of hysterical stories every day about hapless perps botching up crimes with their own ineptitude – witnessed by cops, but rarely visible outside of law enforcement circles. These are their true stories.

Entries alternate between crime scene photos or anecdotes of a spectacular and/or funny “FAILS” of attempted crimes, as written by the officer on duty. Though police reports are considered public record, in the spirit of the site, identifying names/details are removed - the goal of PerpFail is entertainment, not singling out a person for humiliation (however deserving they may be). We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all those who have submitted a PerpFail story so far.

We receive a lot of submissions, so following these guidelines will improve your chance at getting your story (or photo) on the site:

- Stories must be less than 300 words; photos must be at least 400 pixels x 450 pixels.
- The story/photo should be funny to a stranger (we appreciate a good inside joke as much as the next person, but it must also be funny on its own.)
- The perp must have actually failed (see website name).
- No identifying information of either the officer of perp.

Pretty easy!

If you think you have a great PerpFail story/photo, please submit it by going to this link: http://www.perpfail.com/LEO.

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