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Troy Products Introduces New Side Air Bag for Crown Victoria

As you shop for Crown Vic partitions, is there a future possibility that the same partition will be transferred to a different vehicle?  If so, we recommend you buy the new TROY “side curtain airbag partition.” 

This new cage is designed to be compatible in vehicles with side airbags deploying from the seat bolsters (as in the Crown Vic) and also in vehicles with side airbag “curtains” deploying from the headliner (as in most all other vehicles).  This Crown Vic cage fits also in Chargers, Impalas, Explorers.  At time of transfer, you buy only the vehicle-specific mounting kit and lower extension panels, if used.

 The Crown Vic side airbag cage mount is available in a standard design and the “big-boy” design -- for tall drivers!

With one smart buy, you are compatible with side airbag-equipped vehicles AND save money.


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