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The PoliceOne Academy Receives FDLE Recognition to Fulfill Mandated Retraining Hours in Florida

SAN FRANCISCO – PoliceOne.com, the leading online resource for the law enforcement community, has announced that the PoliceOne Academy, a comprehensive online training video library for law enforcement agencies, is now recognized by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) as an option for satisfying the mandatory re-training requirements.

With law enforcement department chief executive officer approval, officers will now be able to use the PoliceOne Academy toward fulfilling 36 of the required 40 hours of mandatory retraining, making it more efficient for officers to satisfy their mandatory retraining and eliminate down time and travel costs. More information is provided on the FDLE website: http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/Content/getdoc/6bb26b62-3505-489d-93da-0185650c4017/Mandatory-Retraining-requirements.aspx 

The PoliceOne Academy, which launched in January 2011, now serves more than 100 departments nationwide and is certified by the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET), Nevada Peace Officer Standards & Training, North Carolina Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission, South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, Tennessee Peace Officer Standards & Training Commission, and recognized in by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board (LETB). It is operated in partnership with Calibre Press, the leading provider of law enforcement training in the country, including the well known Street Survival seminar.

With more than 425 high-definition training videos from leading law enforcement experts, the PoliceOne Academy offers law enforcement agencies verifiable, cost-effective access to top-quality training for an annual subscription based on the number of sworn law enforcement officers in the agency. In addition, non-sworn employees, including dispatch may access at no additional cost at the discretion of the department. All 425 training videos are accompanied by detailed lesson plans, covering topics ranging from defensive tactics to leadership and three to five new videos are produced and added to the library weekly.

“We are excited to be serving more than 100 departments. The content on PoliceOne Academy continues to grow and evolve as does the Academy’s presence.” said Alex Ford, CEO of Praetorian Group. “Online training has become widely accepted by departments across the country and is now seen as a cost effective and strategic way to deliver training. We are proud to be the ones providing this alternative option to police training.” 

Submit a request online or call (800) 323-0037 to get free preview access to the PoliceOne Academy for your department. To learn more about PoliceOne Academy, visit http://www.PoliceOne.com/Academy.  

To inquire about approval in your state, contact Nicole Forzano at (415) 962-8341.

About PoliceOne Academy
PoliceOne.com, the leading online resource for the law enforcement community has teamed up with law enforcement training provider, Calibre Press, to bring officers PoliceOne Academy. PoliceOne Academy is the largest online training video library for law enforcement officers, and the first of its kind. With more than 400 videos in more than 50 categories, PoliceOne Academy gives departments’ instant access to training that will advance officer’s performance and help to keep them safe on the streets. PoliceOne Academy offers an advanced delivery system that ensures a high quality of streaming along with access to training materials 24/7.

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