Eliminator Emergency Vehicle Preemption/Traffic Signal Preemption | Transit Signal Priority (TSP)

The Eliminator is a GPS and 900 MHz radio based Traffic Signal Preemption System with many patented features. With an industry leading 3 mile range the Eliminator Traffic Signal Preemption System outperforms all other systems. While other GPS Traffic Signal Preemption System require the additional purchase of radio repeaters or rely on costly cellular networks that can lag performance the Eliminator powers through obstructions and has no additional fees nor does it have performance issues that must be overcome with additional purchased hardware.

Additionally the Eliminator Traffic Signal Preemption System comes with patented "Collision Avoidance". This v2v (vehicle to vehicle) functionality does not require and equipped traffic signal unit to function, hence it will work in rural areas without traffic signals. The Collision Avoidance features of the GPS Traffic Signal Preemption System will notify emergency vehicles of impending collisions with other emergency vehicles. This feature also works for transit buses or any other equipped vehicle.

To learn more about the Eliminator Traffic Signal Preemption System click here http://collisioncontrol.net/PreemptionSystems/

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