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Dekolink Wireless Announces FR-DAS, a Comprehensive, Turn-Key First Responder System for Enhanced In-Building Coverage

Dekolink's First Responder Distributed Antenna System (FR-DAS) can be used to provide cost-effective, robust and reliable indoor coverage for Public Safety Networks

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 27 — Dekolink Wireless, Inc., a world leading developer and manufacturer of repeaters, today announced FR-DAS, a full service, turn-key first responder DAS system. Using the company's extensive in-field experience, Dekolink has created a comprehensive solution that includes the DAS system, system design, engineering support, coverage prediction by advanced software tools, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Additionally, with this system Dekolink will customize and optimize the solution according to the customer's needs.

Since emergency and public safety agencies have experienced an increase of the demand placed on their resources while operating effectively inside large public and private buildings, there has been growing awareness of the need for ubiquitous public-safety in-building communication for police, fire, rescue and emergency medical personnel. This awareness has led to in-process legislation addressing the legal obligation for high-rise (over four floors) and large building owners to provide a public safety communication infrastructure in their buildings. To meet this growing demand, Dekolink has developed FR-DAS an RF coverage system that is cost effective, scalable and provides robust coverage to meet the demands of in-building public-safety.

"Unfortunately, we continue to see a rise in crime levels, terrorist attack threats and natural disasters. These events are in addition to the daily need for first responders to be able to communicate anywhere within their jurisdiction. It's during these events when police, fire departments and emergency medical professionals need to be sure they have access to reliable radio communication at all times," says Jeffrey Fuller, president of Dekolink Americas. "Dekolink's new FR-DAS solution was developed to meet the needs of public safety officials so that they don't need to worry about communication issues and can concentrate on their job of keeping the public safe during turbulent times."

The typical FR-DAS solution consists of a donor antenna located outside of the building picking up outdoor signals, a repeater or bi-directional amplifier (BDA) that boosts and strengthens the signal and a passive distribution antenna system (DAS) that distributes the amplified signal throughout the in-building environment.

Dekolink addresses the issue at hand with the implementation of the DSCR/DSP Repeater, which offers the capability to handle a large number of channels and flexibility in programming the required channels and performance optimization. The FR-DAS design and simulation software tools enable accurate coverage prediction and optimal project management, and Dekolink manages the entire process from design, prediction, installation, commissioning, and maintenance phases.

Additionally, Fuller notes, "Dekolink's specialization in the field, combined with our uncompromising superior standards, enables us to provide a full-featured portfolio of solutions that customers 'fit and forget', knowing that we will deliver long-lasting, problem-free service."

Please visit Dekolink Wireless at the IWCE show in Las Vegas, NV, February 27-29, 2008 at booth # 1661.

About Dekolink Wireless
Dekolink Wireless is a leading developer and supplier of high-quality RF coverage solutions designed to maximize wireless network coverage in difficult RF environments and complex settings. The company specializes in extending RF radio coverage to rural areas, office buildings, subways, tunnels and shadowed areas. The Dekolink coverage solution supports all major mobile technologies and standards for cellular, PCS, SMR, ESMR, APCO P25 and TETRA.

Source: Dekolink Wireless, Inc.

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