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The Blu-Comm Bluetooth Wireless Headset for 2-Way Radios from Klein Electronics

Klein Electronics, Inc. has introduced the Blu-Comm™ Bluetooth® Wireless Headset for 2-Way Radios and Sprint/Nextel Phones. For Retail Store, Security, Hotel Staff, Casino, Warehouse, Athletics, Campus Events and Trade Shows. Specially designed and newly manufactured progressive noise filtering Bluetooth headset with earhook, wireless PTT (Push-To-Talk) button with optional landyard strap and PTT clothing clip, connector for Motorola, Kenwood, Blackbox, Relm, Icom, Vertex radios and Sprint/Nextel phones, beltclip holster for connector, charger for all units, and user manual.

About Klein Electronics, Inc.

Since 1991, Klein Electronics has been the Leader and Innovator in the field of audio accessories for two-way radios and Sprint/Nextel Phones including wireless phone headsets and cellular phone headsets. We are certified as a Small business, Disabled Veteran Owned Enterprise.

Our focus is to work deligently for our clients, which range from OEM, Distributors, Military and Public Safety, Retail Chain stores and the consumer direct. Feel comfortable purchasing or simply browsing our wireless phone headset and two-way radio product line, knowing that all of our goods are backed by friendly service and personal attention.

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