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Range Networks Introduces First American-Made Open Source Cellular Network Equipment

Company Empowers Public Network Operators to Deploy Cellular Networks to Rural Communities at One Tenth the Cost

SAN FRANCISCO Range Networks, the leading provider of American-made commercial open source cellular systems, today announced its Radio Access Networks (RAN) products now integrate into operators’ existing SS7-MAP core networks.  The Range networks approach is the most affordable way to deploy greenfield networks or extend existing mobile networks, permitting a mixed generation RAN (2G/3G/4G) to run off of the same SS7-MAP core network.


  • One Core Network™: Through its recently announced collaboration with SS7Ware, Range Networks enables One Core Network in which 4G radio access network nodes can easily integrate into a 2G/3G core.
  • Products available: The Range Networks RAN products include the rack-mounted 5150 series and the outdoor Snap Network.  These products now integrate with the SS7Ware VLR/MSC and SS7Ware HLR to provide a carrier-grade, full-scale public network.   The Range Networks RAN products make handsets look like SIP endpoints while maintaining compatibility with existing installed networks.   The SS7Ware core network products enable roaming and operators to seamlessly extend existing networks.
  • Reduced cost and complexity:  The products slash implementation and maintenance costs by reducing the network architectural components and the need to backhaul local calls. 
  • Trustworthy, American-made Equipment: Made in the U.S.A. and based on open standards, commercial open source licenses are available.  Carriers can easily integrate internal applications and can review the source code to ensure network integrity.

Michael Kennedy, Ph.D., Principal Analyst at ACG Research said:
“Innovations in cellular network equipment such as those developed by Range Networks, are opening up new market opportunities for carriers and small cell operators. Its collaboration with SS7Ware introduces to market a unique solution for commercial equipment that brings IP economics to cellular networks, something that will benefit rural and remote regions across the country and around the world.”
David Burgess, CEO, Range Networks, Co-Inventor of the OpenBTS Project said:
“Underserved markets in the U.S. and around the world are looking for solutions that provide affordable, reliable and easy-to-deploy cellular network equipment. We now offer a product suite that enables public carriers to extend their existing networks to rural regions where it was not previously economically feasible.”
Diana Cionoiu, CEO of SS7ware said:
“Our collaboration with Range Networks has resulted in a flexible, scalable and affordable end-to-end solution. With this joint offering, we will leverage our real-world production experience in deploying core network solutions with carriers around the world.” 

SS7ware:                      http://www.ss7ware.com/
SS7ware VLR/MSC:    http://bit.ly/ZFmTGw
SS7ware HLR:             http://bit.ly/ZO54Zv
OpenBTS Project:        http://openbts.org/
Range Networks Partners with SS7Ware:      http://bit.ly/10jhbsX

About Range Networks
Range Networks is the future of cellular networks. Founded by the inventors of OpenBTS, the Company provides the only commercial open source cellular system. Range Networks’ products are made in the U.S.A., and are simple to deploy and manage at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. Based on open standards, Range Networks provides connectivity to existing 2G/3G and 4G networks to rural communities, remote outposts and emergency crews.

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