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Enforsys Helps Law Enforcement Reduce Crime With the Most Advanced Forecasting Analysis Product in the Industry

  • Reliably forecast when and where crime will occur
  • Forecasting methods not limited by amount or types of data
  • Allows specific forecasting down to individual street level
  • Visit Enforsys at IACP, October 13-19, Booth #129 to learn more

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- New Jersey-based Enforsys, Inc., a leading developer of public safety software solutions, today introduced LUCID(TM), its newest product, at the 114th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference in New Orleans.

LUCID, which stands for Logical Understanding of Common Incident Data,uses patent-pending algorithms to quickly analyze real-world incident data. It then maps criminal acts, detects possible patterns and irregularities, and predicts where and when similar events may occur.

"LUCID is a breakthrough decision support system for enhancing crime prevention, security, and other public safety initiatives," said Dr. Vincent Tortoriello, co-founder and president of Enforsys, Inc. "With intelligent, timely and complete analysis and dissemination of this information, law enforcement and other agencies can more effectively makethe right decisions, accurately and quickly."

What truly sets LUCID apart from other systems that utilize forecast analysis is the unlimited number of variables that can be used for input and the myriad ways that information is analyzed, noted Tortoriello. Source data can be based on intelligence, CAD and RMS data, gang data, evidence data, DMV records, census bureau data, weather, time, or any other pertinent variable.

Using LUCID, agencies can quickly identify crime trends, anticipate hotspots in the community and help refine resource deployment decisions to
better protect the community. Results can be displayed in a variety of formats, including heat maps, 3-D charts and graphs, and other graphical depictions.

"The real world applications afforded by LUCID are incredibly beneficial to any agency," commented William Plate. Jr., vice president and deputy project director at Enforsys. "For example, a police chief might use forecast analysis to quickly be able to deploy resources more effectively and efficiently throughout his jurisdiction by week, area, or weather conditions to reduce crime or make more arrests. In another jurisdiction a Chief of Police might want to concentrate on different crimes and areas and see where patterns are being detected so as to manage his or her resources against those trends."

About Enforsys

Enforsys Inc. is a leading developer of public safety software specializing in information sharing, forecast analysis, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management Systems (RMS), and mobile reporting solutions for law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services, and other governmental agencies such as corrections, prosecutors, and the office of emergency management (OEM). Enforsys, a New Jersey-based company, was founded in 2000. For more information about Enforsys, please visit http://www.enforsys.com.

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