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JusticeXchange(R) Helps Arkansas Law Enforcement's Fight Against Illegal Drugs

Recent arrests make communities feel safe

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Arkansas law enforcement professionals are crediting JusticeXchange(R) for success in their fight against illegal drug activity. JusticeXchange is an integrated justice solution that provides instant, up-to-date access to booking records, warrants, and other data from thousands of agencies across the country. Authorities across the state have found it useful in their efforts to nab suspected drug dealers.

Newport officials were searching for a woman suspected of selling drugs, but only had a photo to go on. Patrol Officer Brody Hubbard recognized the suspect and matched the photo with a name in JusticeXchange.

"The search not only turned up a match, but also an address for the suspect," said Hubbard. "I gave this information to the investigating agency. She has now been arrested, and an investigation into those individuals associated with her at that location is now underway."

Searcy police were investigating a November 2006 murder in which the victim was shot 23 times. Detective Steve Taylor learned the drug-related killing had connections with a group of New Orleans refugees who had settled in Searcy after Hurricane Katrina. The investigation led to a convicted felon from Louisiana who had allegedly been hired to kill the victim.

"A JusticeXchange person search revealed the suspect had been booked in Houston, Texas approximately one month prior to the shooting," said Taylor. "A photo line up was created through JusticeXchange and shown to eye witnesses, who positively identified the man as the shooter."

The individual who hired the hit man was recently convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole. A warrant for the shooter is currently being reviewed by the prosecutor's office.

Ben Skeel, Detective with the Sherwood Street Crimes Division, recently worked a federal case on an individual wanted on meth charges. He found out through JusticeXchange that the suspect was arrested by the state police for possession of a large amount of pseudoephedrine. This information led to a federal indictment against five alleged meth cooks.

Arkansas was the first state in the nation to begin using JusticeXchange. A number of state and local agencies use it to find suspects who may be in custody in another jurisdiction. By placing a watch on a suspect, officials can likely locate the individual in less time and effort.

JusticeXchange is a service of Appriss Inc., a Kentucky technology company. It is currently used by law enforcement professionals in Texas, New York, Florida, Washington, Kentucky, Maryland, Utah, Arkansas, and North Carolina; by agencies in Indiana, Illinois, South Dakota, Missouri, and Arizona; and by the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Since 2002, there have been more than one million searches performed by JusticeXchange, including 250,000 watch hits.

About Appriss
Appriss provides innovative technology solutions that help thousands of local, state, and Federal government agencies serve and protect their citizens. Its flagship product, VINE(R), keeps crime victims informed on the custody or court status of their offender in more than 2,000 communities across the country. Other innovative services include VINE Protective Order(R) which alerts individuals when a protective order has been served; MethCheck(R), which works with both law enforcement and pharmacies to address the illegal meth lab problem; and AlertXpress(R), a high-speed notification service for government agencies.

Source: Appriss

Rick Jones of Appriss Inc., +1-502-815-3855, or rjones@appriss.com

Web site: http://www.appriss.com/

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