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Initiate Systems Introduces Entity Resolution Offering for Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies

Solution facilitates information sharing to help combat terrorism by detecting threats before they occur

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Initiate Systems, Inc., a leader in master data management (MDM) solutions, today introduced Initiate® Entity Resolution, designed to help intelligence and law enforcement agencies “connect the dots” between pieces of information in multiple, disparate systems or within systems across multiple agencies. With this offering, agencies can link together information that had been thought to be unrelated – providing the potential to identify suspected persons of interest, link events to persons or identities or connect already known persons of interest to others not yet identified.

The key differentiator for Initiate Entity Resolution is its ability to identify and manage relationships across different types of information. For example, the solution manages associations between people, events, locations, vehicles, weapons, incidents, investigations, and more. Initiate Entity Resolution takes an “entity-centric” approach to examining data, focusing on the entity and relationships between and among the information, rather than a “system-centric” approach that manages data in silos by type.

“Cross-agency information sharing is critical for terrorist prevention,” said Bill Conroy, president and CEO of Initiate Systems. “Initiate Entity Resolution takes information-sharing one step further, by making associations and connections between and among the shared data, providing agencies with trusted, actionable intelligence.”

Initiate Entity Resolution works in real time by using advanced probabilistic-based technology to resolve entities across a range of data sources, including known “watch lists.” The solution can handle hundreds of millions of records with sub-second response times, transforming distributed data sets into highly accurate intelligence that can be used to detect and defeat threats before they happen.

This commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution also is quick to deploy – in weeks or months – and works within an agency’s current operating environment without disrupting systems or processes. Also key is the company’s proven track record. Initiate Systems is a recognized leader in facilitating real-time information sharing across borders, boundaries and agencies and is currently operating in environments with some of the most stringent requirements for data security and privacy.

About Initiate Systems
Initiate Systems, Inc. enables organizations to strategically leverage and share critical data assets. Its master data management (MDM) software and experience as an information exchange leader provide organizations with complete, accurate and real-time views of data spread across multiple systems or databases, even outside the firewall. This allows companies to unlock the value of their data assets for competitive advantages or operational improvements. Initiate Systems operates globally through its subsidiaries, with corporate headquarters in Chicago and offices across the U.S., and Toronto, London and Sydney. For more information, visit www.InitiateSystems.com.

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