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AccessData® Becomes Fastest Growing Digital Forensics Software Company


AccessData announced today that 2008 marked the end of that trend with AccessData taking the lead in growth—both in terms of percentages and absolute dollars. “We believe this change in fortunes is a direct reflection of our willingness to listen to our customers, implement functionality that directly maps to how they do their jobs, and deliver an unrivaled suite of digital forensics, incident response and eDiscovery solutions,” said Tim Leehealey, CEO of AccessData.

According to its annual earnings call, Guidance Software’s product revenue grew by approximately 9%. During that same period, AccessData grew product revenue by approximately 141%. In addition, during the same period, AccessData’s absolute product growth appears to have also exceeded that of Guidance Software’s, resulting in significant market share gains. “We’ve made gains across all of our key markets, including forensics, incident response and eDiscovery,” said Leehealey.

The most recent Gartner eDiscovery Marketscope specifically pointed out that “AccessData plays strongly against its main forensic competitor, Guidance Software.” This Gartner claim is supported by the number of large organizations implementing AccessData products. In the commercial space, a number of large customers apparently walked away from the hundreds of thousands of dollars they had invested in Guidance Software solutions, replacing those products with AccessData technology.

In 2009, AccessData expects to maintain the same level of success it did in 2008. The company intends to launch several new product offerings, while continuing to augment its existing solutions. Brian Karney, COO attributes his company’s success to his team’s constant contact with customers. In order to fully understand how organizations in various industries actually approach information security, digital investigations and electronic discovery, Karney places great emphasis on customer interaction, “AccessData remains focused on customer satisfaction above all else. We look forward to the continued support of the community.”

About AccessData
AccessData has pioneered digital investigations for more than twenty years, providing the technology and training that empower law enforcement, government agencies and corporations to perform thorough computer investigations of any kind with speed and efficiency. Recognized throughout the world as an industry leader, AccessData delivers court-validated, state-of-the-art computer forensic, password cracking and decryption solutions. AccessData's Forensic Toolkit® and enterprise investigative solutions enable organizations to preview, search for, analyze, process and forensically preserve electronic evidence for the purposes of criminal and internal investigations, incident response, eDiscovery and information assurance. AccessData was rated "Positive" in Gartner’s annual report, MarketScope E‐Discovery Software Product Vendors, 2008. In addition, AccessData is a leading provider of digital forensics training and certification with its much sought after AccessData Certified Examiner® (ACE®) program. For more information on AccessData visit www.accessdata.com.

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