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Knowledge Computing Corporation Expands COPLINK Functionality Through Asset Acquisition of Visiphor


"We are extremely excited about this acquisition", said KCC President and CEO Robert Griffin. "Visiphor's long history as an early pioneer in information sharing, facial and image recognition and pre and post arrest support makes this a natural complement to our COPLINK Solution Suite."

Under the agreement KCC has acquired Visiphor's Facial, Scene and Image Recognition technology, their Briyante Integration Engine ® (BIE,) and their CABS line of business.

Facial and image recognition technology is rapidly becoming a required tool for identity resolution. The ability to positively identify an individual from a digital photo or video frame gives law enforcement another weapon in their fight against crime.

"Our plan is to offer a facial and image recognition capability inside COPLINK within the second quarter of this year" said Bill Oliver, KCC Vice President of Advanced Development. "This capability will enable COPLINK users to search for individuals using facial photos or composite sketches. An additional search capability will allow users to search for similar images such as gang tattoos and graffiti."

"Our goal at KCC is continuous improvement and expansion of the COPLINK technology to meet the current and future demands of our clients" said Al Kassam, Chief Architect at KCC and former CTO of Visiphor. "In the information sharing world of law enforcement there have long been two approaches: a consolidated environment where information is centralized and refreshed to stay current or a federated query capability to access information on demand. The challenge with a federated query approach is how to provide real-time analytics in an acceptable performance window. By integrating the BIE technology deeply into the COPLINK A3 module, COPLINK will deliver sophisticated analytics on federated query data with real-time speed. This provides our clients the best of both worlds."

KCC's award winning COPLINK product was built on the fundamental idea of sharing disparate information among and between law enforcement entities. While sharing information is at the heart of COPLINK, it is the program's ability to provide tactical lead generation through sophisticated analytics that have driven its adoption in nearly 3000 jurisdictions across the country.

About Knowledge Computing Corporation
Since its formation in 1998, Knowledge Computing Corp. has provided technology-based crime-fighting solutions to leading edge law enforcement agencies nationwide. COPLINK supports over 3000 jurisdictions nationwide. Spanning across 20 states, and including four of the nation's five largest cities, COPLINK is helping law enforcement officers fight crime, thwart terrorism and improve community safety through comprehensive information sharing. For more information contact KCC at 520-574-1519 or www.knowledgecc.com or www.coplink.com.

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