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Erie County Emergency Services Improves Community Connections to Make Erie County a "SafeTown"

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - Erie County Emergency Services unveiled “SafeTown,” a powerful, easy to use suite of web-based and mobile apps that will connect and empower local law enforcement, fire, emergency services and citizens to make their community a better and safer place to live.

“The safety of Erie County residents is always at the forefront of everything we do,” said Erie County Executive Barry Grossman. “We are moving forward, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to interact with the citizens in our community. Through the Household Profile app, for example, citizens with special needs, handicaps, or in-home medical equipment can input their critical information to be sure that, in the event of an emergency, the first responders have everything they need to respond in a quick and secure way. This is an exciting day and an added capability and service for our citizens that will have a positive impact on our brave first responders’ abilities to save lives and property.”

“The Department of Public Safety’s guiding vision is ‘A safe community for all.’ SafeTown advances our community closer to that ideal state,” said Erie County’s Public Safety Director, Todd Geers.

SafeTown apps have the added benefit of being fully integrated with InterAct’s suite of public safety applications, so information is always accurate and up to date.  “Integration with our core online applications is key,” said Mike McGarry, InterAct Senior Vice President and General Manager, InterAct Products. “The data that agencies want to share with citizens is in the core systems and the information shared by the citizens needs to be accessible through these same core systems in order to realize the full value of the public-to-public safety data sharing enabled by SafeTown.”

Erie County has initially implemented two modules of the SafeTown Suite:
• Information about the medical condition of a family member from the SafeTown Household Profile App allows a CAD dispatcher to determine more quickly the proper personnel and equipment needed for an emergency call.
SafeTown Community Alerts provides real time visibility to alerts from police, fire, emergency services, and the community to inform residents about potential problems thereby keeping residents safer.

About SafeTown™
SafeTown delivers services to the community via a community web portal and a family of smart phone apps. With SafeTown, citizens can create household profiles for first responders to use.  Agencies can post alerts to all SafeTown subscribers in the community and citizens can report non-emergency problems or suspicious activity.  Additionally, real time events and crime history can be viewed on a map, and authorities can publish information to the community about inmates in local correctional facilities.  To learn more about SafeTown, please visit http://www.safetown.org

About InterAct™
InterAct is a leading provider of public and private safety software solutions. Our mission is to improve the safety and well-being of people and their communities with the most innovative online technology, by connecting the right people with the right data at the right time.

For 37 years, InterAct has been providing state-of-the-art, integrated incident response software solutions. In 2011, we delivered a new level of innovation with the industry’s first fully CJIS-compliant and cloud-based online records management system (RMS).  InterAct’s Public Safety Cloud simplifies search and data exchange among public safety agencies, securely giving first responders the actionable information they need at the point of enforcement without the expense and complexity of owning the infrastructure. Data access and exchange are simple and available anytime, anywhere through any computer or smart phone connected to the Internet.

InterAct is dedicated to equipping public and private safety agencies with the modern online tools they need to achieve their mission of protecting lives and property. To learn more about our solutions, please visit us at: http://www.interact911.com

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