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CJIS Solutions Releases AVG Cloud Care for Law Enforcement

Hosted Antivirus Solution and Internet Managment

CJIS Solutions has partnered with AVG to provide the CloudCare platform the law enforcement agencies. AVG CloudCare is ultimately the AVG Antivirus for Business suite with a cloud based management platform. In the past, antivirus software would need to run on your network along with any management system. This meant that you could only manage it from your headquarters and furthermore, were unable to manage the units in the field. Additionally, you had to pay for the added applications in the suite of software.

Now, with AVG CloudCare provided by CJIS Solutions, you can deploy, access, and manage your entire antivirus platform from one central console accessible from anywhere. The best part is the cost. CloudCare from CJIS Solutions is cheaper than any traditional AVG software and can be managed by your staff or ours.

CloudCare is completely safe for law enforcement agencies . The software does all of the work on your devices and network leaving only the alerts, reports, updates, and management done on the cloud portal.

To learn more, visit us at http://www.cjissolutions.com/our-services/antivirus-internet/

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